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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys I got sick of Sony’s colour and so made some LUTs for S Log 2 that I’m convinced give the closest to film colour I’ve seen for a Sony camera. Take a look here: https://vimeo.com/274040173 If you’d like to purchase, you can do so at: joelfamularo.com/colour
  2. here is a test video i made to try some grading stuff shot on sony a7s ii s-log3 you can download the 3D lut here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/yrp69vvj6f126ir/bojiFIlm.cube?dl=0
  3. Greetings, I'm wondering if there's a (free) picture profile available for better skin tones and less green bias in video for the A7Rii? I'm looking for something to cut down the grading time in Premiere. It would be great to just be able to just throw a curve on and get a decent result. I've been using the EOSHD profiles on the FS5, don't know if their profile for the A7Rii also comes with set white balances... Thanks alot! Jogi
  4. Hi, I got my a7s a few weeks ago and I'm still in the process of getting oriented. I managed to get by most challenges but seem to be getting completely stuck on this one. I'm trying to stick with shooting slog2 and sgamut for now to see how far I can push the camera in it's "most native" mode. I can do some basic grading using LUTs etc to get back a nice natural looking image. However, when trying to push the footage beyond that and apply a look to it, it just falls apart. More specifically, I've tried various ways of pulling a key in secondary color correction but it is just not clean or smooth. It picks up various stuff from other parts of the image and I can't work with it. I tried using power windows in all sorts of combinations including tracking. However, whatever I try it allays ends up somewhat messy and awkward. So at this point I'm ready to conclude that I'm hitting the limits of grading 8 bit footage. There just isn't enough data there to be efficient or even workable for more involved grading. I understand that this is very image specific, still I think what I'm trying to accomplish is reasonable. What are your experiences? How do you pull key/grade 8 bit footage? Keep in mind that I'm pretty new to color grading and videography in general. Thanks
  5. Hey everyone, Nothing spectacular, just getting used to the RX100 IV and testing the slo motion capabilities. I have found that 240fps is about as high as I would go to keep the quality as high as I would need it, especially if I'm going to use this as a broadcast b-roll or b-camera. Mostly it'll be used for the family, so the quality is pretty rock solid. Everything was shot at 240fps in PP7 (S-Log2) 1600iso. I graded everything in PPRo CC with James Miller's LUTs. I was pretty surprised at how good his LUTs are at pretty much wiping out the noticeable noise that you get with the 1600 base ISO. I've actually shot more footage at 3200 ISO and from a production standpoint I'd be confident in shooting that hight and getting completely usable footage. Anyway... first post here... be kind https://youtu.be/lMu7F6jbiTg I obviously can't figure out how to embed a video... www.ajleitch.com
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