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Found 9 results

  1. Hi. Anybody know how to stop this happening when recording on a Sony a7sii? Shooting XAVC S 4K, 25P 60M, Shutter 1/50 Every few minutes throughout the recording white blocks appear for over the image for one frame. Thanks
  2. Since i bought my camera, i am having a strange problem. I have 3 batteries, all full. When i begin to have a photo session, batteries suddenly dried out and giving ‘’battery exhausted’’ error. And I have to recharge batteries. It is random and when it happens it will make the same error with the spare batteries after few shots.. camera has been in service but they couldnt detect the problem. Any body can help?
  3. Hi guys, I came across this weird phenomanon when shooting with the Sony. It created horizontal lines over the image when shooting in certain light circumstances. This is something I only came across before when shooting video with the wrong shutter settings. Sometimes the hz in the electric grid interfere with the shutter settings and that is usually what makes this, but in my 6 years as Canon shooter all over the world I never came across this in stills. Any idea what can cause the problem?
  4. Hello, About a year ago I bought my 50mm (SAL50F18) and since then I let it on my camera (wich is a SLT A37) almost all the time. Yesterday in a attempt to make a timelapse I tried to set my camera in other modes beyond the Program Auto but the camera returned me the following message: MF Invalid when AF/MF Select is set to Autofocus. Available with Manual Focus Is that had any relation with the fact that I almost never disassembly my lens from the camera? Because I can set to A/S/M mode when I try to use my 18-55mm (which I use sometimes) And yes for both I switch the
  5. Guys, need help! Been shooting with the A7II for a couple of months & just loving it, until recetly it started to pop the error "This accessory is not supported by the device and cannot be used. Please verify the compatibility with the device" I tried the usual stuff; hot shoe cleanup, lens pins/contacts cleanup, factory reset, reinitialize etc, but no dice. Any suggestions or tips would greatly be appreciated. thanks in advance! Alex
  6. Ok, I got my camera last night and just got back from a wedding I was shooting. It was my second camera (I carry 2). The other is a Nikon. Anyways, the settings on my Sony are changing without touching any thing! I can literally look at the camera and watch the aperture and shutter speed change on its own without any buttons being pressed! Also when I am in the menus trying to change stuff, they will jump to a different directory or exit the menu altogether. Now I am torn on what to do. I am happy I got it so soon, So I don't want to send it back and have to wait weeks for a new one. B
  7. Camera A7rII Metabones Adaptor MIV Canon Lenses Sony Camera Firmware V2 JJC TM Multi-Function Timer Remote Outdoor temperature 34 degrees My camera is a little over a month old. I am a relatively new Sony user. On my last camera shoot, I was taking photos just fine and then the camera went from working to displaying "Camera Error" and either turn camera off and on again or the word restart. Can't remember exactly which. I had to do this twice before the camera started working again. About 1/2 hour later, my menus and buttons no longer worked. I would press the function menu, no
  8. Has anyone else ever experienced this issue on the Sony A7s? This is particularly evident when set to 120FPS as can be seen in the two screenshots below. I'm using my Canon 24-105mm lens with a Commlite EF - E mount smart adapter and this seems to happen in both Full Frame and APS-C :- http://s27.postimg.org/4n9j8wdur/IMG_9705.jpg http://s27.postimg.org/lp2dazspv/IMG_9706.jpg Is this something I'm doing wrong or is it a fault with the camera / adapter / lens? Any help would be hugely appreciated.
  9. Hi all. I've been a forum reader for some time but this is my first post.... I've been a long time Sony mirrorless camera user. Started out with the original NEX5 then got the NEX5n, A6000, A7, A7s and now I have the A6300. I've also shot on many of the others in the range (A7s II, A7r, A7rII). I've owned an FS100, shot on FS700, FS5, F5 and even the F55. So over the years I've got used to the odd Sony quirks. I'm having an issue setting custom white balance. Here are the steps I'm taking and the results I'm getting: I'm in manual mode (as I can't set custom white balance in Movie mod
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