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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. I'm a reasonably competent and experienced landscape photographer, about the push the borders of my comfort zone considerably. In three days I will be taking part in an on-the-spot competition whose theme is People and Place. The competition is in the venerable and ancient English city of York and I'm looking to combine both elements of the subject by shooting a model in an iconic setting. In the first case, I will be shooting one of York Minster's stone masons working in the Minster Stoneyard; in the second I will be shooting a female model at the city's Victorian railway station setting
  2. heloo , i have had the sony a6000 for seven months four of which it was sent off for repairs for getting an error message,,, i am having a huge issue with colors. why are the images so flat? even the Jpegs?? i have tried everything i can find on the net to fix during import but nothing seems to work? this week my grandsons hair looks purple , almost like a full head of hair that had chromatic abberation.... so weird.... i love this camera and its a huge downgrade for me but wanted something small and quick for my grand childrennnn you just cant beat the focus on this system but the colors?? ar
  3. Evening all, I am new to this forum and to Sony cameras. I have been shooting Canon for years, and still do, but I bought an A7Rii for a few reasons. So far I'm liking it. It is a fantastic bit of kit for my landscape work. I'm still learning my way round it and appraoching the point where I don't need to fuss about where things are and am just able to get on and shoot. Most of my shooting is slow tripod based landscapes, a lot of which are in low light or at night. ANYWAY...... My question to you folks is...... How do you find the colour rendition on the A7Rii? I am noticin
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