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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I own an A6000 and an A7m2. I'm tired of opening beautiful shots only to find huge dirt marks on them! Yes, I can generally clean the images via software... However, I do a lot of event photography (celebrity red carpet, etc.) and it's time consuming and sometimes difficult (e.g., if the smudge is near an eye) and there's time pressure to upload images immediately after events. Is it possible for ILC cameras to have a user-selectable sensor dust cover? When in a hurry one could bypass the dust cover while changing lenses but when time permits one could use it! I'm so fed up with having to clean images and clean the cameras' sensors that I'm seriously considering an RX1R2 or RX10m2!
  2. A7 ii shooting Slog2 video and editing in Resolve. Shot footage looks like I expected. Wide flat low contrast dynamic range. I shot at various exposure levels from camera auto to 3 stops over and using Zebras 100+ no clipping. When I open my raw footage in DaVinci Resolve it looks similar to unprocessed footage I have seen before, and just as expected. But when I apply the DaVinci Sony S-Log2 LUT the result is totally blown out. Screen is almost 90% nothing but white. The bottom end of the Parade is like 50 IRE and the top about 6 inches above my monitor! Grading DOES bring it back down and FINAL IMAGE is acceptable, but I know something is weird here. Going on a shoot Monday so please all the input you can give.
  3. Hi all, I have been using the Sony Alpha cameras for about 1 1/2 years and I love them. More about me later; I need help with the Star Trails App. Specifically my dilemma is that I have purchased and downloaded the app to my PC but can't seem to find how to load it into my A7M2. Any help you;d be appreciated. Thanks John
  4. From Kew Gardens with Tamron 90mm f/2.5 on A7II Flames Tulipa clusiana var. chrysantha All photos on Listera Ovata
  5. 1.Cementerio del trenes 2.Salar de Uyuni 3.Mirror http://imgchr.com/images/Mirror-1.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Mirror-2.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Mirror-3.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Mirror-4.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Mirror-5.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Mirror-6.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Mirror-7.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Mirror-8.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Mirror-9.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Mirror-10.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Mirror-11.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Mirror-12.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Mirror-13.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Mirror-14.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Mirror-15.jpg 4.Skys http://imgchr.com/images/Star-1.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Star-2.jpg 5.Sunrise http://imgchr.com/images/Morning-1.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Morning-2.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Morning-3.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Morning-4.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Morning-5.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Morning-6.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Morning-7.jpg http://imgchr.com/images/Morning-8.jpg
  6. Please give your opinion (based on experience or not)! I have an A7m2 and an A6000 along with Zeiss 55mm F1.8, Sony FE24240... and a bunch of good E-mount glass as well as lots of A-mount Sony & Minolta lenses. I can get a used Sony SAL 70-200mm F2.8 for about $1250. For the same price I can get a new SEL 70-200mm F4. I mainly shoot events and portraits and I already have Sony's LA-EA3 and LA-EA4 adaptors. Which would you get? Or perhaps something else? e.g. (Sigma 70-200mm F2.8—$1,100 new, $800 used) Thanks!
  7. Does anyone have experience using Sigma's APO 70-200mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM lens on the A7rii with LA-EA3 adapter? If yes, please share your thoughts.
  8. Hello, Sony has just released an 1.21 firmware update for the A7/M2/R/S/6000 products. For the moment, the update is only available on the Sony Japan site, but as usual, it should be deployed to North America and Europe sooner. Note that the update files are the same for the whole world. Links for A7/R/S/6000 version for WIN and MAC. Links for A7M2 version for WIN and MAC Changelog which seems to concern better support for new 24/240 lens : Google translate :
  9. Hi, I've been experimenting with the Samyang 14mm on the A7m2. Here is a shot I took after leaving work the other night. I think it produces good results. Click on the image to see the full size.
  10. Taken with A7m2 and Pentax 50mm f1.7 lens,
  11. The sony website advertises the A7II as being able to do 120fps at 720p if you switch to APS-C crop mode. I can't figure out how to find it. I called Sony and they couldn't figure it out. They said they'd get a product specialist to call me back but they haven't yet. I'm kinda bummed out, I wanted 120p for our Christmas party. Has anybody here had any luck? I'm in XAVCS, in APS-C crop mode, I'm using a SanDisk 64GB Extreme Plus 80mb/s SDXC card, I've used adapted lenses and the kit lens, I've changed aspect ratios, image qualities. Is it just because the camera can't do 120fps? Or do they need to release a firmware update? Or am I just not seeing a place to switch from 1080 to 720? .. Thanks guys!
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