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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, first time posting here. Hope someone can help... Please see the attached pic, which says: "Image Database File error, Recover?" I own two cameras: the sony nex-5R and the A6000. This message appeared when I took the same SD card out of the 5R (after shooting with it and then formatting it) and then put it into the A6000. Then other SD cards, which I had NOT put into the 5R started to give me the same message in the A6000. Weird. I reformatted ALL my SD cards within the A6000 and they seem to work OK, but I'm just concerned I corrupted or damaged the cards--or worse, the camera! I researched a bit online and someone remarked they got the same message after switching the same SD card from a Canon 6D to a sony A6000, but I could not find a reason. What is this message? Can anyone shed some light? Any help is appreciated. Thanks kindly.
  2. Hello, I have a Sony A6500 and Sony FDR-AX53 video camera and they are doing something that I was not expecting related to the video file name convention. On either camera, if I take a video file, the file convention name is similar, such as C0001, C0002, C0003, etc and incrementally goes up by one for each new video file created. If I remove all the existing video files from the camera SD Card, and then start taking more video files, the video file names continued where the last clip was taken so in my example, it continued from C0004 and incrementally went up from there. I also deleted the thumbnails at the same time in case that had anything to do with keeping the file name convention intack and not reset the video file back to C0001 but from what I can tell, the thumbnails do not control the file name number. There must be some other file in the folder structure that is telling the camera what the next video file number should be, such as C0005, when the video clips and thumbnails of C0001-C0004 have been removed. Now, what I am surprised at is that if I reformat the video card on either camera, the video clip file name goes back to C0001 and doe not continue to the next incremental file number of the last clip taken. I contacted Sony Customer support to inquire if this is expected behavior and "Eddy" did not think so. He tried a Sony A6300 he had and did a similar test where he reformatted his SD card and took another video clip and his video file number did not go back to C0001 but incrementally added to the last video clip number that was last taken. He could not explain why in my case, the video file name was going back to C0001 after a SD Card Format. Can anyone else confirm when they reformat their SD Card on their A6500, what happens to their video clip file number? I am looking to confirm if this is consistent/expected behavior on Sony A6500.
  3. Just received my SDXC UHS-II 128GB card from B&H. I put it in my A7RII and tested with Hi Drive mode. The camera is now a rocket. No more waiting 30 seconds for it to write 10 frames. This extends the utility of the A7RII beyond it's previous capabilities for sports or action. It's like having a new camera.
  4. Hello, I recently bought the Samsung EVO 64GB 48MB/s sd card to go with my new a6000... But after reading http://www.cameramemoryspeed.com/sony-a6000/sd-card-comparison/ I am a bit concerned because the tested 32GB model is near the bottom in speed. Should I be worried? I assume I would only run into problems if I am shooting continuously or perhaps shooting video? Any help deciphering all of this? Thanks!
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