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  1. I delete my backups once a month. Don't need the old ones and you're exactly right......they take up too much space!!! Wish there was a way to do it automatically. Think I'll post that as a hint on the Lightroom forum.
  2. Hi Keevs, I'm not far from you in the Dunedin/Palm Harbor area. I also had a Canon 7D and went to a Sony A6300, which I dearly love. Not sure if you are aware that there is a fantastic photography group in Clearwater..... Florida Center for Creative Photography. Google that and you will find our Meetup site. LOTS of nice folks with varying levels of knowledge. Also lots of photo walks (recent one to Tarpon Springs to do night photography) and classes. Welcome to the site! I'm fairly new here myself. Jane
  3. A6300, 55-210 at 210mm, F/6.3, ISO 4000, -3/10 EV, handheld. Taken at the butterfly garden at the Florida Botanical Garden in Largo, Florida
  4. janelux


    Taken with A6300 and 16-50 kit lens 20160702-DSC09608 by Jane Luxton, on Flickr 20160702-DSC09673 by Jane Luxton, on Flickr
  5. A mom and baby orangutan napping at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida. Taken with the Sony A6300 and 55-210 lens.
  6. I might consider renting a lens for your trip, rather than make a hurried decision. Several good rental companies online.
  7. Gulf Fritillary by Jane Luxton, on Flickr Crucifix Orchid by Jane Luxton, on Flickr
  8. I notice that some people post photos that when you click on them, they take you to their Flickr page. How do you do that?? Thanks for the help......really enjoying the forum!!
  9. Glad I could help. My Menu option only shows the two options also, but I only have a photo I took this morning to test it. I'm wondering if you have photos taken on more than one day, the camera will give you the three options? It's so smart, it wouldn't surprise me. Will test that and see.
  10. If you set just 1 and 2 as Memory buttons, then are remembered by the camera even if you format the card. If you use any of M1,2,3,4 selections, those are written to the card. I have 1 set up to bracket photos and have formatted my card several times and it still works as I set it. Hope this helps.
  11. Yes, you set up your bracketing under Drive Mode.....keep scrolling down to find the one you want. It works great!
  12. I'm new to Sony and the A6300. For the most part I LOVE this camera. Is there a way to turn the smart zoom off on the A6300? I find this very annoying when I'm trying to take a series of photos. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  13. Photography has been my hobby and passion for about 8 years now. Up until this month I was a Canon shooter, most recently with the 7D and various lenses. The weight issue became too much for this Grandmother, so I purchased a Sony A6300 and LOVE it!! So far I have the 16-50 and 55-210 lenses, but plan to get the 35 1.8 soon. I love to shoot landscapes and seascapes, flowers and street scenes and often do them in HDR. I shoot in RAW and do my post processing in Lightroom CC and my HDR in Photomatix Pro. Thanks for accepting me into this great forum and I look forward to "meeting" and interacting with you. "Life is an adventure, not a guided tour"
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