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  1. Adapted 70-200 from latest offerings won't disappoint you.
  2. Having just tried my G1 70-400 on A7rII, I simply cannot conclude the AF is great. I would rather say OK. Maybe I need to take the baby out in the field
  3. Haven't tried mine. If this is the case, then I don't need to buy the more expensive alpha version of Tamron 150-600G2 which I intended to use with my A99II and A7rII.
  4. Hi folks I am facing a very similar dilemma here. I have a 16-34f4, and I can use adapted Zeiss 16-35f2.8 ZA, or Nikon 18-35f3.5-4.5, or Canon 17-40f4. All these lenses are good to my own eyes but Sony 12-24 opens another world to me...superwide. I can get a price very close to 16-35f4 except I have to invest all newer filter systems for landscape. Please help me as well.
  5. can't see single reason not going from D600 to a7II
  6. I have 70-400G II and ...just too busy to take 7rII for birding. 400f4.5 was my dream lens. Can you tell me its performance against 70-400G
  7. A local geek here has been closely working with his Japanese partners for twenty years. The fact is very simple. There is no such thing as "brand" competition in-between different Japanese camera and lens makers. Each product they produce is simply discussed and carefully planned before appearing in the market. A Nikon F mount to Sony FE mount AF adapter is potentially threatening Nikon's survival so this product is not produced until they think it is time to launch one.
  8. A7 is a good camera and 15-30 is an excellent lens. The safest way is to buy a Tammy with A mount so you can use a native Sony adapter to use this lens on your A7. If you buy an EF mount version, you might get AF via a metabone adapter but no so sure if the focus is fast enough or it can lock on focus. There is no working adapter to use this lens with F mount. This is simply because Nikon does not all us to use their lenses rather than technical impossibility.
  9. This depends very much on which body are you currently using. This is an APSC camera lens which means you can only use it on APSC camera bodies. For dSLR like bodies like A77II, you do not need any adapter. For NEX bodies, the latest model A6K does take both Canon and Sony adapters. You better to try it out before purchase it. Sorry I don't have this lens but I have other Sigma lenses with EF mount. Not all can focus so quickly on A6k. Camera bodies other than A6K need using a Sony LA EA2/4 adapters to use A mount Sigma.
  10. Thank you for sharing. What adapter are you using? It does not look like an LA EAx to me
  11. There is a bracketing in every Sony e mount camera..I have.
  12. I have....not received A7rII yet but my current non metabone adapters have never had any good focusing accuracy in any of my e mount cameras up to a6k
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