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    canony reacted to AndyHTu in A7iii -Best Battery Charger?   
    Hi thank you for the response guys.
    I ended up buying this.

    It comes with 2 batteries, so now I only need to buy 1 more battery. It charges 4 batteries, and can be used as a large battery pack . You can also mount it on a gimbal .  Its fantastic so far!
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    canony reacted to denniswcr in Image stabilization when on a tripod   
    I remember when ISS first came out there was a lot of talk about it having to be turned off when the camera was on a tripod.  Perhaps that was true in the beginning.  By the time I started buying Nikon "VR" lenses, however, turning ISS off for tripod mounting was being disputed by many photographers, and I found that it did not seem to matter.
    So when I decided to change from Nikon to Sony, with the debut of the A7Rm3, I noticed that Sony recommends turning ISS off when using a tripod.  Oh my, here we go again.
    As a result, I decided to photograph the NBS 1952 resolution targets that I had used years ago with film cameras.  This target provides resolution tests down to 80 lines per mm.  I set up enough targets to provide checking the image center, all four corners, and the image edges.  Test were run on the FE 16-35 F:2.8 GM, the FE 24-105 F:4 G OSS, and the FE 100-400 F:4.5-F5.6 GM OSS.  All three lenses were tested at minimum, medium and maximum focal length.  Exposure times were typically 1/10 to 1/5 second.  The F stop was F:8 for the two shorter lenses and F:11 for the 100-400.  The self timer was used on the 100-400 to ensure that there was no shaking when pressing the shutter release.
    The images were shot in RAW and processed in Photoshop with Camera Raw default sharpening.  I then viewed the targets, side by side, at 200%.  The end result was that I could NOT SEE any difference for ISS ON or ISS OFF when tripod mounted.  Hence, I will not worry about this anymore.
    As a side note, I was pleased to see that both of the GM lenses were able to produce 80 lines/mm resolution at the center and all corners.  The 24-120 G F:4 was not quite as good on the corners and the left edge was noticeably blurred, which would indicate a defect of some sort.  I will return this lens for a replacement.
    Dennis Edson
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