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  1. I have the same problem with the A9. Even the A9 is listed under compatible devices/bodies, it seems to be impossible to pair it with the new Sony BT Remote. I hope the problem will be fixed with the next firmware.
  2. The Vello-cable arrived on Monday. I tried it with A6500 and A9 and Sony F32M and it worked in TTL-Mode. Handling is a little fiddly, because there is no little lever to fix the head of the cable on the camera's hotshoe (as it is on the Sony flashes) but a little wheel which is less comfortable. The length of the cable is approximately 30 cm contracted and 60-70 cm streched out gently. To get the promised 100 cm length, you need significantly more strength and I wouldn't recommend it for usage on a tripod extended fully. For my use case it works fine as I have the flash on a handle and not on a tripod.
  3. Short update: Ich found thee Vello-cable which should provide the same functionality as the one from Meike and purchased it via ebay. It should arrive till mid February and I will post my experiences with the cable afterwards.
  4. Hi phishy 1) Flash cable extension - I found the Meike mk-fa02 which should be compatible with the Sony Multi Interface Hotshoe. I haven't found a distributor for Switzerland so far but it should be available over amazon and ebay 2) I am not sure if there are third party solutions supporting the native Sony Wireless TTL protocol. Godox could be a solution (especially as they announced the XPro for Sony) but in this case, you would have to use a Godox Flash either, as far as I got it. Possible solution: sell the HVL-F43M and buy a Godox-combination)
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