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  1. I made both a switch and an upgrade, from Canon 70D crop cam to the a7RMII FF, which is easier. Now will have to decide whether to keep my old camera as a B camera. Would be interesting to compare shots head to head to see the level of real improvement in IQ.
  2. On the 1st of April an upgrade of the a7RMkII with a name not unlike your suggestion, namely a Sony a7RS, appeared on the web. http://bokeh.digitalrev.com/article/sony-a7rs-specs-leaked It was not until the last line of the specs that I realized this was an april fools day joke... (if the above link does not work, try to google "A7RS")
  3. I have now got the A7RM2 with Gmaster F2.8 24-70mm and Batis F2 25 mm lenses and I am blown away. I love the IBIS to shoot handheld, but it really shines on a sturdy tripod for landscapes/villages at dusk. Never seen such sharpness and color rendering and generally good natural feel to the images. It is also nice to have the apps built-in, such as timelapse. I have to experiment more though, but it seems to work well for shooting from a tripod e.g. once a minute for say 2-3 hours, i Aperture mode, F7.1, ISO 100 for capturing the best lighting at dusk and dawn.
  4. I will follow this advice, as also several others here say the same. I have now ordered the A7Rii - and really look forward to photograph landscapes (often in the blue hours) with more color, dynamic range and resolution. The Batis 25mm will be my main hiking lens. For family events etc. I will use G Master 24-70mm.
  5. How about the AF performance? While good at the A7Rii It is better on the new A6300, with more focus points and faster AF. But I agree with your point, probably the waiting will be too long and I need an upgrade this year.
  6. Will Sony release curved sensors? Se link: http://thenewcamera.com/tag/sony-a9/ Will it be in a new big A9 body?
  7. Thank you for your well-founded opinion! Yes, I agree with you and others here that I may not have time to wait too long before I upgrade. I now have a Canon 70D. I mostly shoot nature panoramas, and some family events. I have been happy with the Sigma 18-35 Art lens, but being a zoom it is a bit heavy for long hikes. I live in a part of the world with beautiful landscapes and have been able to take some nice pictures. Now I really want a FF camera for better IQ, faster apertures, more bokeh... What my heart wants is the A7RII with 1) Batis 25 mm for landscapes and lightweight hiking and 2) Sony G Master 24-70 for events and landscapes where weight can be carried. In the future I also consider the G Master 85mm for portraits/low light conditions and the 70-200mm with 2X adapter... The good thing about big investments in lenses is that when the next generation must-have camera bodies appear these expensive FE-lenses can still be used for many years to come?
  8. Thank you all for your excellent thoughts and suggestions on this topic! Different strategies, either waiting for A7Rii to drop in price a good year after the eventual A7Riii, go for the A7Rii or wait for Sony's next upgrade which will likely be the A7iii. Price is an issue, I agree, since less money spent on a camera body means more money for good lenses. I still want that 5-axis stabilization though.
  9. Hi, my first post here. Do you know any rumors about Sony A7Riii yet? I will go FF this year and want a Sony A7Rii, with several of the best new sony and batis lenses. Will it be better to wait for the next Sony camera upgrade, or just go for it now? Thankful for any thoughts.
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