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  1. yes, my reason to just go ahead and invest in the a7r2 is the ability to do both aps-c and ff, hopefully still be able to use my canon telezoom or an equivalent, and have a gold standard ff lens for my wide/mid range shots, with of course the benefit of 42mp....to me its the camera of the future, and lots of lenses will continue coming out for it, so worth the investment, although high.....
  2. so, what I see in the viewfinder of the sony in aps mode, will be the exact thing i see in the viewfinder of the canon aps camera, using the same lens?
  3. Ok, considering coming to the dark side from canon. My question is around the a7r2 and aps-c mode. I use a telephoto lens probably 70% of the time when traveling. A 50-250mm aps-c lens for its length, size, and weight. This obviously is equal to 80-400mm length on a full frame. What options do I have on the sony a7r2 to either: a. Duplicate this length in an aps-c lens b. Use this same canon lens on the sony What are the pitfalls, can someone explain to me exactly how the aps-c sensor mode works on the sony? Does it give you the same length gain as using the same lens on an aps-c native camera? I just need an intelligible break down of how the aps mode works on the a7r2, and does it increase your focal length when using aps lenses the same as a native aps camera would?? Thanks in advance! @chasingmagellan
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