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  1. Hi Paul A bit quiet on here is it not? 🙄
  2. After shooting Canon for over 30 years, I decided to try m4/3 with the Oly E-M1 Loved it so much that I sold all my Canon gear. Money was burning a hole in my pocket so after trialling and being impressed with my mate's a7ii I decided to get an a7rii + 16-35, 24-70 & 70-200 I was running both the Oly and Sony systems. When the chance of a used a6300 + SZ 16-70 came up I decided to sell the Oly so now I have a totally Sony setup - same battery and lens mount was the deciding factor. Strange thing is, I use the a6300 + 16-70 most of the time. Added an RX100iii for good measure. For once in my photo life I am one happy content photographer
  3. A few from a trip across the border to England's Lake District in early February. We always try to visit the Lakes at least once a year and I'd always wanted to see them in their Winter splendour. This year, we packed up the motorhome for the drive south. We certainly wasn't disappointed!! All shot with the a6300 + Sony 16-70 Although my main camera is the a7rii, I tend to always use the a6300 when travelling Derwentwater Dawn by Mike Stephen, on Flickr Misty Lake by Mike Stephen, on Flickr Derwent Water by Mike Stephen, on Flickr
  4. Lovely set of images Love the light in #4 Gotta love the Lakes!!
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