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    busterbboy reacted in file system on Sony A7s mk2   
    You can create folders on the memory card, 100MSDCF is the default one, but you can copy that and give it a new number, 110MSDCF. Then just select the one you want from the menus. After that, any reasonable PP software should be able to handle it with a bit of effort on your part.
    Otherwise you have to keep waiting for the firmware update, last I heard was Photo Kino in September ...
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    busterbboy reacted to glitterball in movie button on Sony A7s mkii   
    I found the same moving from Canon as well, however I am finally getting nice video results. Try using more saturation and white balance slightly warmer than on the Canon (e.g. 6100 instead of 5800). Picture Profile off with Standard Creative style set to -3,1,-3 is a good starting point.
    I also found that the Cine Gammas work better with ITU709 Matrix Color Mode.
    I love the stills that I get from the A7s - I can crop all the way to 100% and still have usable images, which makes up somewhat for the 12 megapixels.
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    busterbboy reacted to Snowfun in slog2 file handling for a7s   
    (Copied from the original post elsewhere)
    MP4 is simply the container - the codec is xavcs (or avchd if you selected that - don't!)
    A .mov container is more usually seen with, for example, a prores codec (eg Sony A7 plus Atomos Shogun).
    What iso are you using? Base 3200 will not be noisy. I used 25/40,000 for a recent aurora trip (linked in the video showcase section below - please view!) and noise is handled ok. This assumes you exposed correctly - worth hunting out Philip Bloom's A7s tutorial at this point. Slog footage exposed incorrectly will look horrid. Promise.
    Are you familiar with slog and colour grading?
    If 'yes' then I'm not sure what to tell you other than to try the other neutral profiles to see if they are better. Not knowing your tolerance level nor your expectations it is difficult to know what you mean by "poor quality".
    If 'no' then... Now the fun really starts! I use RedGiant log/lut to start grading the footage in FCP or fiddle (I wouldn't claim to know what I'm doing...) in Resolve. Slog will look poor unless and until it is graded with considerable skill. On eoshd.com it seems to be accepted that Sony colours are very poor out of camera when compated with Canon for example. I have no experience to make the comparison however.
    Slog from the A7S can be excellent. But it does need care when exposing and TLC in post...
    Have fun,
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    busterbboy reacted to VTC in Bluetooth headphones with Sony A7S mkii?   
    Your post spurned me to try it. Connecting the Sony ECM-AW4 to the headphone output of the A7S mk2 works fine. Of course you can't monitor in stereo. I use the AW4 connected to iPhone cradled on a video rig to broadcast my shoots live via the Periscope app. The AW4 runs$160. There should be less expensive bluetooth devices out there that can do something similar to this if the quality of the mic pickup isn't all that important where all you want to do is verify audio limits are in range. Stayed connected when 60' away down a hall and through 4 walls.
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    busterbboy reacted in CAN ANYBODY HELP WITH FILE NUMBERING SYSTEM ON A7S mkii...   
    Just for stills. I do so little video (always want to, but never have the time, the need, or the skills!). If it doesn't maintain any numbering for video files that IS a bug in the system!
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    busterbboy reacted in CAN ANYBODY HELP WITH FILE NUMBERING SYSTEM ON A7S mkii...   
    Curious that, as my cameras (two A7Rii and an RX10) all carry on the numbers despite camera formatting. Indeed, I have no idea how many frames I've shot as they picked up on the numbers from the A7S bodies I had before.
    It's not my imagination, either, as I've just checked to be sure. If your camera behaves differently then I am puzzled. Perhaps you could try with different makes and types of card?
    One other thing I attempted, yet have no explanation, was to format via the card reader and got a message saying the card is write protected! I can only assume this is something the camera formatting instigates, but I didn't expect it!
    I do agree, to an extent, that the Sony system creates unnecessary issues. However, I imagine most batch processing programs can rename as they are imported (Lightroom and Capture1 certainly).
    I suppose it just requires people to be a little more aware and careful when importing, which shouldn't have be the case, but it's not insuperable.
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    busterbboy reacted in CAN ANYBODY HELP WITH FILE NUMBERING SYSTEM ON A7S mkii...   
    Sorry to say, but it gets worse than that (although I think I know why Sony didn't bother to do things differently).
    First their reasoning:
    If you have multiple Sony cameras you are bound to have duplicate file numbers unless there was a system to allow custom sequencing. Consequently, having a consecutive system for any camera becomes immediately moot.
    Ths wouldn't even matter if you don't own the cameras at the same time. The second you start to use a new one your numbers will be duplicated.
    I think they just decided it would have complicated matters to try to maintain the numbers.
    Now the added difficulties:
    I suspect that those of you finding the numbers reverting to 1 are formatting via a PC. I'm pretty sure that if you format in camera then the sequence will continue (that's how mine work).
    However, that sequence will depend upon the last number of the card in the camera. So if you use multiple cards, mulitple cameras, and format in both ways, you will immediately have no sequence at all!
    The only way around it is to either accept the duplicate file names, or to rename via batches in Lightroom (or an equivalent). Personally, I use duplicates most of the time, but different folders.
    Certainly the folders option is one provided in camera also, as you can have it create for each day.
    This can seem like a bug but, unfortunately, there is no solution that will apply to everyone's individual work flow and trying to allow such customisation in camera would make an already criticised menu system even more complicated!
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    busterbboy reacted to boojoo007 in slog2 file handling for a7s   
    I gave up shooting slog2 just because it is hard to properly expose my footage, especially for daytime shots. 
    Your slog footage will look much better after color correction!
    I think your filetype should be .mov. Check your camera settings that you are using the highest quality. Also check your memory card supports the higher quality. You need the SDXC
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    busterbboy reacted to VTC in CAN ANYBODY HELP WITH FILE NUMBERING SYSTEM ON A7S mkii...   
    I don't have my camera in front of me but there is a way to have it distinctly number. Your camera is set to RESET the counter after you clear the card. You need to select CONTINUOUS for the numbers to keep advancing even after you format the card.
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    busterbboy reacted to Kami_sn in CAN ANYBODY HELP WITH FILE NUMBERING SYSTEM ON A7S mkii...   
    I believe this is the case for video files only, the still files in my camera are continued series.
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    busterbboy reacted to LiveShots in CAN ANYBODY HELP WITH FILE NUMBERING SYSTEM ON A7S mkii...   
    The series continues with the last recorded file number, when the card is formatted it loses the name of that last file and so it resets to 00001. When the files are DELETED then it remembers that last file, but the format wipes everything. What is needed is not a format but a DELETE ALL option.
    From the Play button select a folder, press MENU then DELETE, you should get an option to delete all the images in the folder. When this is done you end up with an empty card but the series should continue from the last recorded file-number.
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    busterbboy reacted to Mark2d in CAN ANYBODY HELP WITH FILE NUMBERING SYSTEM ON A7S mkii...   
    yes, this seems to be a bug or feature with my A7RII as well. It's maddening for the workflow. You just have to rename your files right away once they are downloaded. I mistakenly renamed on the chip once, and the file structure of the camera (when I put the chip back into the camera) was not happy about that at all. Had to reformat. But my Canon bodies don't exhibit this behavior. Seems to be an oversight.
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