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  1. sorry for my English its not my language) I had the same problem here in Germany After a lot of discussions and phone calls with sony I found out that this software is handled by the guy´s from Play stations. The camera people dont even give you a help or information First of all the problem was created by myself(according to sony) wrong password. tried to often aso. but I tried it so often because it was not working and sony will close this accout for some time(but no information about this) The information I got was I had to wait 24 hours then 48 hours ... (very unfriendly persons there) finally I went for holiday (without this software) and when I came back, I started again. The only thing I changed was, I paid this 5 € in advance (not just given my creditcard number like already done many times in the past)and I got this software on my camera. I am connecting the camera direct for download because I am using fire fox
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