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  1. Wonderful photos! :-) One question, does the camera still continue to focus while turning the zoom ring? With the 70-300 it's annoying that focus stops where it is while I'm slowly zooming in or out. The subject will be out of focus and you need to stop zooming to acquire focus again. The Canons works like a charm. :-(
  2. Actually I've been thinking about switching to Fuji from Sony as well and I can only recommend to give Fuji a try when coming from m43. A few things to think about is: 1) how important is IBIS for you? I'm loving to shoot my Canon FD 300/4 handheld at 1/30s. I'm just to lazy to carry a tripod and it's not family friendly as well. 2) AF performance. I can't judge on that for Fuji cameras. My A7R2 is probably faster in C-AF which I often use for kids. Older cameras tend to be slower, focus capabilities are developing fast these days. 3) Carrying lesser lenses having a megapixel monster like the A7R(2). 85mm lens means over 250mm equivalent after cropping, still keeping a reasonable amount of pixels for printing. 4) Sony is expensive! And concerning E mount they just start to develop towards "pro" users.
  3. Here's a very good article about manual lenses on Sony bodies: http://phillipreeve.net/blog/manual-lenses-sony-a7/ Using a manual 50mm at f/2 I've been able to catch a hoverfly using the so called "third method" and having a bit of luck obviously. ;-) My personal tl;dr: go on, have fun, IBIS helps.
  4. Thanks, I'll check this option as well. :-)
  5. I had the chance to test the Sony 90/2.8 last weekend. I'm not able to share any photos but AF-S is quite a bit slower compared to the Batis 85. But to my surprise AF-C was performing very well, even close to the subject. About 80% to 90% are keepers. Next weekend I will try the Sigma. So far I wasn't able to get a Summicron 90.
  6. I read some reports claiming the Loxia has lots of coma. I'm very pleased with the Batis 25 though it's not perfect, particularly the corners are a bit soft wide open. Sigma's 24/1.4 Art is probably a better choice.
  7. Thanks for the hint. Looks like the 90mm is close to 24-70gm, just a bit thinner and lighter. I can understand that switching to be Batis is an improvement. The thing with cropping is that it doesn't fit my workflow when shooting. Particularly moving subjects like kids don't let you try to reach MFD. I chose a distance for the photo based on what I see in the EVF, the overall situation, etc. It's difficult (for me) to step back half a meter, keeping in mind "ah, so close won't work". Just to work around a lens limitation. The picture I'd love to have taken is usually gone by then. Additionally it means longer distances when shooting from above or below. Before switching to Sony A7 I've been working with an Olympus M43. Most lenses allowed me to get close®.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions! Totally missed the Sigma 105 though a friend owns it (Canon) and I can easily give it a try. If I can get hold of the Leica 90mm or Mamiya 80mm 1.9 I'd try them first. Does the Summicron-M fit on a Voigtländer close focus adapter?
  9. Very true. I want this "distortion". I don't introduce any kind of distortion which does not exist in real life. Maybe that's personal taste but I don't like those flat portraits where photographers take their 800mm and sit a mile away from the subject. Just to make sure the nose doesn't appear to be in front of the ears. ;-)
  10. No, not really as a macro but for close headshots, especially with kids.
  11. Hi, I'm looking for an alternative to my Batis 85. Though I really love it I'm constantly fighting the 80 cm minimum focus distance and I hate switching lenses just for the purpose of getting 10 or 20 cm closer. The Sony 90 macro seems to be a reasonable choice but it's "only" a 2.8. Any ideas? I'm open to use legacy lenses. Thanks, Dirk
  12. I used to have a 16-35 but sold it because of horrible weakness in sharpness between 28 and 35mm. Is your copy better? Or is the 24-35 also weak?Also I had no trouble with the lens correction profile in Lightroom. Does lens correction work properly in your LR for the 16-35?
  13. I have the same issue. First pressing play button to show the image and then C3 to magnify. Takes 3 to 5 seconds until the magnified image is displayed. The red light is on for about half of the time. SD card is a 64GB Sandisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s SDXC U3.
  14. The G Master 85 is tempting, great reviews and photos. Unfortunately here in Germany it's 800€ difference to the Batis. So I'll probably keep the Batis. I really love the swirly bokeh.
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