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  1. Dear Forum Members, I'm trying to decide between the Batis 135 2.8 and the Sigma 135 1.8 (used with an A7RII). Has anyone had any experience with the Eye AF performance with the Sigma 135 (the new, native e-mount version)? Best, Grant
  2. Hi All, I'm not sure if anyone is interested, but I thought I'd post this for those who are considering the Pelle case. I bought one (the "full coverage" version that doesn't allow the screen to be extended). I never extend the screen, so that works fine for me. The case fits quite well and gives some excellent additional cushioning at most of the key points where I might ding the camera. You have to remove the case to change the battery (the Ulysses has a flap that allows you to change the battery with the case on). Again, that's not a problem for me since, and it's very easy to take the case on and off. I'm not shooting professionally or under any great time pressures either. You can access the Fn button by pushing against the case above it. The craftsmanship is excellent. I would have been fine with a cheaper material, etc. as I just wanted protection, but it's definitely well constructed and no one else makes a case that it this protective. The A7RII is not an easy camera to build a fuller case around given the size and all the buttons you need to access, but this provides as much protection as possible. For myself, and the relatively low-intensity shooting that I do it's perfect. Happy to answer any other questions people might have.
  3. Hi All, Has anyone had any experience with either the Ulysses or Pelle half cases for the A7RII (the ones that cover the rear of the camera as well)? I'm looking for something that will give me a bit of extra protection (I'm used to banging my A850 but am more cautious with the A7). I'm often juggling the camera plus other stuff (we have a 4 year old) so the camera can sometimes bump into a car door, etc. I think I'd prefer the fuller coverage of the Pelle and Ulysses cases vs. a regular half case like Sony or Gariz, but they also cost a lot more. I don't really tilt out the screen, so this isn't an issue for me. Just wondering if anyone has purchased one of these and has any feedback. Best, Grant http://www.ulysses-photo.com/page/3 http://www.angelo-pelle.com/sony-a7ii-half-case-second-generation.html
  4. Thanks, that's a great suggestion. It does sound a bit like the iris clicking down (and I've been shooting in Aperture priority mode when this happens).
  5. I've noticed that sometimes the silent shutter setting on my A7RII will be completely silent when I take a picture (you literally don't hear anything when you click the shutter) and other times it will make a small, audible clicking sound. Does anyone else have this issue? I'm wondering if there's some other setting that occasionally interferes with "full" silent mode on the camera... Thanks for any wisdom, Grant
  6. I keep finding conflicting reports on-line about the possible compatibility between the Sigma 50mm 1.4 DG (the EX version not the later "Art" version) and the A7/A7II using the LA EA 3. Some people say it works great and they can get excellent AF and other people say they can't get the lens to AF at all with the LA EA3 and have to use the LA EA4 (with it's on-board focusing system). Anyone have a recent experience with this combination? Best, Grant
  7. Thanks to all of you for these illuminating responses. Very helpful! It sounds like the chances are reasonably strong that a new Nikon mirrorless camera would require a different mount (and therefore, an adapter for any pre-mirrorless Nikon lenses). I really like the idea of re-framing adapters as system convertors. My concern about the LAEA4 is the fact that, as I understand it, you loose the native autofocus capability of the camera your using (say, an A7II) and are stuck with the on-board auto focus of the adapter. Now I have an A850, so for all I know the LAEA4 adapter autofocus may be better than my 850, but if I upgrade to a mirrorless camera that has superior AF capacity I hate to lose it. Of course if I knew that Sony was going to remain sufficiently committed to A mount to create a new generation of superior adapters/convertors I would be less worried about this!
  8. Hi All, First time poster, long time lurker. I have a technical question about camera mounts. When Nikon and Canon introduce their own full frame mirrorless cameras (to compete with the A7) how likely is it that they will have to use a different mount system (in the same way Sony had to switch from the old A mount system for the A7)? Put another way, will Nikon and Canon users face the same problems we face with Minolta/A mount lenses? Will they have to buy adapters, etc. or is it technically possible to make a new mount that would accommodate old, DSLR-style lenses on a mirrorless body? I asked this because I often go through the pendulum swing of deciding whether to sell my A850 and minolta/Zeiss lenses and switch to Nikon (since I don't want to settle for an inadequate adapter to use my current lenses on an A7). However, since I think it's likely that mirrorless will eventually become the standard FF system in the future (and because there are things I like about EVFs, etc.) it would be galling to sell all my equipment, buy a D800 and lenses and then, in five or six years, have to buy an adapter to use them on a new Nikon mirrorless camera! Thanks for any collective wisdom...
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