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  1. The last standalone version LR 6.14 also supports this lens.
  2. I'm sure you can find something for around $100. There's not really a set price range for used A-mount cameras in the consumer range. A lot of people bought them in the sale and ended up never using them. Now, they're selling them for whatever they can get for them.
  3. Getting it fixed outside of warranty will cost more than buying a replacement. People are dumping their APS-C A-mount cameras so you can find any camera up to A68 really cheap.
  4. Jaf-Photo

    Shoulder Bag for A7rIII

    Good news! Especially that it fits with the battery grip.
  5. Jaf-Photo

    New A7 III keeps locking up

    MC-11 is designed to support specific Sigma lenses only. Some Canon lenses will of course work to varying degrees, depending on the lens, the camera and the firmware version. Look around forums to find out which firmware version works best with your lens/camera combo. The latest version is not always the best for a specific lens.
  6. Jaf-Photo

    Silverback Mountain Gorilla Portrait

    Amazing animal. You can afford to crop it closer on the gorilla's face. The twigs on the left are right are a bit distracting.
  7. Jaf-Photo

    Get Rid of Lamp post?

    It really depends on what you're trying to achieve. Is is a mood shot, a stock photo, an architectural study or a front page for a prospectus? If you're not sure how to shoot it, just walk around and try as many different views as you can. To me, the main issue is that the central building is diminished by all the other features. The central building should be the natural focal point. If you make it a background feature, there should be a clear reason for it, such as something happening in the foreground.
  8. Jaf-Photo

    Orange Sky Fitness Shoot

    Small brands come and go all the time. People try it all the time but it's not really a brand unless it sticks for several generations. I know three ex-photographers who were doing similar things to what you describe. Two of them have now taken up junior positions (assistants) in marketing firms and the third is a fitness instructor. One thing they have in common is no savings from their previous work and no pension plan in their current work. I don't want to rubbish your plans but, you know, having a Plan B is always good.
  9. I was going to write a follow-up but the site went down. Anyway, if you look at the web-page of the SD Association, you'll find advice on formatting and which speed classes are required for different qualities of video: https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_4/ https://www.sdcard.org/consumers/pdf/2017SDA_brochure_eng.pdf I've never had an SD card fail but in the past I had cards that slowed down or would hide files. I realised I was doing two things wrong. I was formatting the cards in my computer and I was using them in other devices that wrote proprietary file structures to the cards. I stopped doing those things years ago and literally have had no issues with any card since.
  10. Ok, so you're regularly having problems with memory cards. Yet you're not accepting any of the advice you asked for? If you handle the cards right, there should be no problems at all. You just need to figure out what you're doing wrong and stop doing it.
  11. Jaf-Photo

    Orange Sky Fitness Shoot

    I may have been one of those guys saying photography is becoming less viable as a way to make a living. That means the ability to earn a steady income over a whole working life and saving up for a pension. Naturally, it is possible to do paid work for a period of time. But there are a lot of highly skilled photographers who find that work dries up and they're having to do things like real estate photography in their middle age just to pay the rent, earning just about minimum wage. I also know older photographers who had amazing careers who have no pension and are forced to sell their gear piece by piece just to buy food. In the past, a typical career trajectory would be to do freelance work while you're young and single. As you settle down, get married and have kids many would take on work as a sraff photographers or maybe buy a photo studio. These are no longer viable options for everyone, as staffers have been let go and people rarely go to a photo studio any more. So, my point was and still is, don't get seduced by the fact that it is still possible to do paid work for a period of time. Your feeling that it may not be for you forever is probably a good survival tactic.
  12. For the type of photography you do, you'll enjoy the higher resolution of the A7RII. The autofocus should be no problem, either.
  13. Jaf-Photo

    Shoulder Bag for A7rIII

    The feature I like most with the CaseLogic cases is the neoprene sling that suspends the camera from the top of the bag. It provides dampening and allows you to use smaller kits in bigger bags. Most of the time my only concern is to get the gear safely from A to B and for that they're great.
  14. Micro SD cards sometimes cut out when you use them with an adapter. The adapters are not really quality items. Before wifi became ubiquitus in cameras I used micro cards in them to swap between portable devices to transfer files. It usually wasn't long before the cards got corrupted and stopped working properly. Typical problems would be slow read and write speeds, unrecognised cards and invisible files. Get an SD card which is rated for video instead.
  15. Did you format them in the camera? Are they micro SD? It's not necessary to format SD cards before use. If you format them in a computer, you may remove some of tbe SD-specific structure. That may in turn slow the cards down or cause them to fail over time.