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  1. I started using Sony for Wedings two years ago , and Im very happy. Great skin tones , and great camera! Check images here if you want: http://www.instagram.com/emiliogilphoto
  2. Well, thats the reason why almost all the professional videographers use external monitors with LUTs load option. Men , you live in the past.
  3. Hi, which one is with your color profile?. Thanks
  4. Guys, "Just as a monitor preview." .. The file would be still raw, of course. In the same way, if you could load a LUT to the cam to preview , for all the people who make videos... I thinks both options would be awesome.
  5. Can you imagine if we could load a Lightroom / Photoshop preset and be able to work visualizing it on the live screen when shooting? . Something like a Picture Profile, but for photo and shooting in RAW. Just as a monitor preview. I think the brand that gets to do this in camera, will sell many cameras. If we work with our own presets, this would be the way to get the pictures on perfect exposure. Sony engineers, take note.
  6. These are my "Saint Three lenses". - Batis 18mm 2.8 - Sony-Zeis 35mm 1.4 ZA - Batis 85mm 1.8. Awesome quality on all of them. On APSC mode on the A7RII , i can get too , 27mm, 52mm and 127mm. I DONT need any more. Just take photos. Which is your "Saint three lenses"?
  7. Thanks Ze De and Goden. Well , the Sony 16-35 f4 is an option, but I should prefer any faster lens if the cost is to have a non-zoom lens. The 10-18 F4 is a perfet focal range, but f4 again. I prefer not to use the Super 35 option. I have a A7SII and a A7RII, and would like to use it on FF both. Probably the best ( and expesive) option would be the Batis 18..
  8. ups, my sorry. This lens is for APSC cameras. Any other option for FF ? . Thanks.
  9. I need a 16mm. And as fast as posible. I have a Canon 16-35 II+ Commlite , but not so much satisfied. I think about the 11-16 Tokina , becouse is great to have the posibility to shoot with more ultra-angular range if its needed, but not sure about how it works on AF-S/AF-C mode. I´ll use it with video and it would be good if it works well on AF-C mode. Anyone has tested?. The other option is to wait for the Batis 18 f 2.8 , but I prefer the 16 focal. And 11-16 better. Thanks a lot guys. I´ll use it on A7RII/A7SII.
  10. Dear Sony , You have the Gamma Display Assist , and this is great. But , turn this option into a LUT assist ( uploading the .cube to the cam) , and this would make the A7SII a real video killer. Please, try it , it would be a nice ítem to include in the next firmware update. Can u imagine this , guys? .
  11. Well in my case, I have a 35 1.4 Sony-Zeiss, 28 f2 Sony and Canon 16-35 f2.8 + Commlite. I was waitning for these lenses ( 70-200 mainly) . But..
  12. Batis, do it focus well and fast between 150-200 mm??
  13. Its not time of 300mm or 400mm. Its time for these three lenses. But, the price is out of control. A 70-200 2.8 never must be more expensive than the best camera ( Sony A7RII) . These Canon/Nikon versions are a 1/4 cost of the D5 or the 1DXII. It was a wrong decision at all. Now is time finally to go with de Canon 24-70 and 70-200 with the Metabones. Bye Sony G lenses.
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