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  1. Thank you tinplater, I had found this and the problem is that the book I have, David Bush's Sony a6500/ILCE 6500 suggests that the control wheel and the control dial functions for f stop and shutter speed can be swapped. When I set the dial/wheel to control the shutter speed then there seems to be no way to control f/stop under Manual shooting. Perhaps I am just a techno idiot and am missing something but I have looked and looked at several sites and books. When shooting fast it is difficult for me (I am old and have a tremor) work the shutter speed with the control dial. I often press it and get things I don't want. Thank you for you help. Dave
  2. I am a street photographer and want to have the Control Wheel programed to change the shutter speed and the control dial to set the aperture sometimes. I have read several manuals and can't find the instructions only the reference that it can be done. Anyone know how to do it?
  3. I shoot birds mostly and am using a a7mII or my a6000. I get my best with the a6000. I am considering upgrading to an a6500. Is it worth the price? Any problems?
  4. I recently sent my a6000 to Digitron AV in CA and was completely satisfied. I needed it in a hurry and they complied. Very Pro job.
  5. I am getting a graphic image in the viewfinder. It is in the upper portion and is ((Hand, next to it a Camera over a piece of film, followed by a !. I keep looking for a diagram of it in David Busch's book "Sony Alpha a6000/ILCE-6000 Guide to Digital Photography and other places but cannot find out what it means. It appears when I am using back button focus and continuous shutter on a 400mm lens. The graphic appears on page 96 of the book in the center of the upper portion of Fig 3.24 and right under the letters in the top row "24m FINE" Thank you for your help.
  6. Dollanganger, Where would I find a ring for the sony FE 4.5 - 5.6/70 - 300 G OSS lens? I have looked many places and could only find a Novaflex one and I have to purchase the camera adapter from the same manufacturer.
  7. Thank you for your responses. I will search for a ring for my lens as well as look at the Black Rapid strap.
  8. With the great SteadyShot I see more people hanging the camera with a large lens by the camera lugs. I was shooting whales with my a7 II and the 70 - 300 on a bouncing boat. I got great sharp shots but I always held the camera by the lens. (It does not have a tripod mount on the lens) How strong are the lugs and have any of you had problems walking around with the camera hanging by the lugs and a strap over the shoulder?
  9. I replaced my Leica equipment and replaced them with an A7 M II when it first came out. I love it. I use it constantly and never had a problem. I use it with Sony lenses, including the 70 - 200, Nikon, Canon, and Leica lenses. I had more trouble with three new Leicas. Hope it helps.
  10. I have had 6 Wasabi batteries for about two years. Never had a problem, price is right.
  11. I just used Digitron Electronics Inc in Montebello, California. I needed a "quick" turn around for my a6000 and lens coupling. They did a great job for a fair price. The only slow point was getting parts from Sony.
  12. Have any of you used Digitron Audio Visual Consolidated Repairs and Services in Montebello, CA? Are they dependable to repair an a6000 and lens?
  13. I use an a6000 with either a 35mm sony lens or the FE 4 70 - 200. The mount always seems to have a slight wiggle with the bigger lens. Today the lens fell off while using it. (I caught it.) No matter what I do the lens will not latch. It will latch briefly but always lets go eventually. It seem like the pin from the camera will not go completely into the lens latch hole. Any suggestions besides sending in the entire rig?
  14. Thank you, thank you - I blew out the area with a can of air and the problem was gone. Everything works fine now.
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