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  1. #sonyalphagallery Convict Lake near Mammoth Lakes CA
  2. This is a Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep. There are less than 500 of these sheep in the Sierra from Olancha Peak in the south to Yosemite in the north. They are hard to find, Hard to climb up to. #Sonyalphagallery.
  3. #sonyalphagallery Convict Lake Late Summer Sunrise
  4. #sonyalphagallery Two Eagle Peak above 5th Lake John Muir Wilderness Sierra Nevada
  5. 4,000 eagles in about 3.5 miles of river! Lots of action!
  6. Hi Chrissie, Thanks. .F8 1/1600 manual iso 1250. I used a Sony A7R3 and the 100-400 GM lens. I have more photos from this trip recently on my blog. MidSierraMusings
  7. This is a photograph of a Bald Eagle I took where the eagle is flying off with the remainder of a Salmon meal stolen from competitors. I found the left wing of the eagle to have an especially beautiful pattern. #sonyalphagallery
  8. This is a photo of Mt. Morrison reflected in Lake Genevieve. It is in the John Muir Wilderness of the Inyo National Forest and the Sierra Nevada.
  9. From the album: Sierra Nevada

    The Red Tailed Hawk (perched on right) was raise to fledge by Golden Eagles. I was fortunate to observe and document this entire process with photos and video from the beginning. I do not believe this has ever been reported before. The adult Golden has just brought food to the nest and the eagle chicks are competing for it. The eagle in possession of the food is covering it with his wings. The hawk has learned to wait for what is left over. I believe the hawk was brought to the nest by one of the Goldens.

    © Dale Matson

  10. I mislabeled this. It is actually the "Lathe Arch"
  11. From the album: Sierra Nevada

    This is a photo of a mature Bighorn Ram in a canyon near Bishop CA. #Sonyalphaforum

    © (Dale Matson)

  12. From the album: Sierra Nevada

    This is a photograph of the Mobius Arch located in the Alabama Hills of the Eastern Sierra. Mt. Whitney and Lone Pine Peak are viewed, inside and framed by the arch.
  13. From the album: Sierra Nevada

    This is a photograph of a Juvenile Bald Eagle with a Coot the eagle has just captured.

    © (C) Dale Matson

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