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  1. 4,000 eagles in about 3.5 miles of river! Lots of action!
  2. Hi Chrissie, Thanks. .F8 1/1600 manual iso 1250. I used a Sony A7R3 and the 100-400 GM lens. I have more photos from this trip recently on my blog. MidSierraMusings
  3. This is a photograph of a Bald Eagle I took where the eagle is flying off with the remainder of a Salmon meal stolen from competitors. I found the left wing of the eagle to have an especially beautiful pattern. #sonyalphagallery
  4. This is a wonderful landscape. I had the Voigtlander 15mm III for Sony e-mount and sent it back. It was not sharp front to back even at f11.
  5. And I didn't say that you didn't offer good advice. I was only saying my personal needs often override common sense and best practices.
  6. "If you get back and your batteries are now half empty, don't worry about immediately recharging them as they'll be fine". They may be fine but I won't. I suspect there are other O/C folks out there like me who also fill their gas tank when it is only half empty.
  7. This will be a tough decision for me. I need ultrawide for mountain landscape. My own file analysis indicates that some of my best photographs were in the 16-18mm range. Therefore the Loxia would not be wide enough for me. 15mm can always be cropped for a longer focal length to 18mm or 21mm. The biggest advantage of the Zeiss 18mm is autofocus. So, I think your question is a good one and the best answer I can give is to go with what focal length serves your purposes. As far as lens quality goes they all seem small, light and good.
  8. Is this a design flaw in the lens that it breaks consistently in this spot or a kind of "fuseable link" designed into the lens to protect it from worse damage? I owned this lens and it is made in Japan not China.
  9. I wouldn't wait. The A7R2 is a great camera. While you are waiting you are not taking excellent photographs. Now that the G Master lenses are out, there will be good deals on used Sony Zeiss 24-70 and 70-200 f4 lenses which have served me well. The prime lens selection is getting to be great and simply needs to get wider and longer. the Zeiss Batis will be available in 18mm f2.8 soon and I imagine a 135mm lens is less than a year out. For wildlife, the adapted Sony A-Mount 70-400mm lens works well.
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