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  1. I have and love the FD 85L for doing bokeh panoramas. I used to use the FD 135/2 which had better IQ but the lens was longer, heavier and required way more images to stitch so I mostly use the 85 tgese days. I highly recommend the 135/2 if you can find one though, love the built in hood too!
  2. Awesome post. Most IR hotspot lists don't cover old lenses. Have you tried the Konice 40mm f/1.8? That works really well in IR too.
  3. Taken on a full spectrum converted Sony A7 with an 72mm B+W 093 MRC filter (830nm)
  4. Shortly after getting the Canon FD 85mm f/1.2 L lens to use on the Sony A7 (Fotodiox adapter I think) I decided to take it to the park to see what wildlife I could get. I found some very cooperative squirrels. Unfortunately they were so friendly that they were often too close for the lens to focus (90cm minimum focus distance). This is an un-cropped image.
  5. This is very cool! Love the isolation and sharpness! Which lens is this by the way?
  6. I've been trying to get my boss to take his 67 Mustang to cool location for a photoshoot for ages but we're always too busy. I now only have a week before moving to Sweden so I wanted to get a couple photos of the beast before I go. These are both bokeh panoramas (Brenizer Method) photos, taken from about 35 shots each and stitched using Autostitch64. These were both taken on a Sony A7 (mk1) with a Canon FD 85mm f/1.2 L lens. If you're not sure how these panoramas work check out my new website here: https://3dbokeh.com/info/pano/ Here are the stats for the first one: FF Lens Equiv.: 30mm f/0.47 Effective Sensor Size: 103 x 68mm Resolution: 184mp And here are the stats for the back view: FF Lens Equiv.: 31mm f/0.44 Effective Sensor Size: 97 x 65mm Resolution: 170mp
  7. I picked up the Befree Carbon in a shop and was amazed by the low weight. Just like you I wanted something as light as possible, but something that wasn't too pathetic. I didn't buy it because I didn't like the idea of it being so expensive and having no weight hook etc. I kept looking online and in shops for alternatives but nothing grabbed me. After about a year I'd bought a couple of average tripods, I finally gave up and bought the Befree Carbon. I have a Carbon Fibre Gitzo for studio use, but it annoys me carrying it around (3Kg), this Manfrotto seems odd on paper, but I absolutely love it for what I do and I can live without the weight hook, although they really should have added one.
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