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    LiveShots got a reaction from Kumar Nishit in Blurry pics in aperture priority mode.   
    Telephoto lenses let in less light. In Aperture Priority mode the camera will adjust shutter speed and ISO to accommodate your chosen aperture.
    Make sure ISO is set to Auto and that it has a high maximum, the smaller the aperture that you are setting, the higher the maximum ISO needs to be. If it reaches the high ISO level then the camera will use a slower shutter speed.
    https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1950/v1/en/contents/TP0002670799.html?search=ISO auto
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    LiveShots reacted to DrJohn in Disabling the exposure compensation dial on the A7C   
    Sometimes, I accidentally spin the exposure compensation dial on my A7C when I see wildlife and quickly remove my camera from the bag. There is an item in the menu to disable that dial. But, it doesn't work. I called Sony. They determined it was a firmware problem and will try to get it fixed for the next firmware update. 
    I also suggested they make the dial lock like it does on my A7RIV on their upgrade of the A7C.
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    LiveShots reacted to DrJohn in Carrying Photographic Equipment The Easy Way   
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    LiveShots got a reaction from Alex Voermans in Saving settings / Remote control / HDMI clean output   
    The internal battery that retains all the memory settings is only charged when a genuine Sony battery is used. So I suspect this is why you are losing your settings, the internal battery no longer has a charge.
    You could leave the power connected and set the Auto power save to put the camera to sleep instead of turning it off.
    https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1810/v1/en/contents/TP0002264717.html?search=Power off
    Alternatively write your settings to the card and recall them in the morning from the card.
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    LiveShots reacted to isha1 in Stormy Sunrise   
    Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
    Sony A7, Tamron 28-300mm 1850
    f8 1/30 sec iso 500

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    LiveShots reacted to joerg in Suitability of the Sony SEL200600G Lens for Astrophotography   
    In the second section I would like to discuss the possibility of photographing deep sky objects.
    To achieve exposure times of a few seconds the earth's rotation has to be compensated, in my case by the equatorial mount CEM25P from iOptron. With the possibility of autoguiding, here by the MGEN3 from Lacerta in combination with a 50mm finder scope, exposure times of several minutes can be achieved. Seemingly small things are also important in my opinion, like a heating tape to avoid humidity condensation and the use of a dummy battery adapter to be able to run the camera constantly for several hours.

    Emission and reflection nebulae
    With the possibility to select the focal length almost arbitrarily between 200 and 1800mm, very many objects can be photographed with the SEL200600G. For emission nebulae with a primary emission at hydrogen-alpha and 656nm the use of an astromodified camera is recommended (replacement of the IR cut filter by clear glass). In my case I took a Sony A7R bought used at E-Bay and let it astromodify.

    Orion nebula M42 Composit 10x10s and 30x180s ISO-800 F6.3 600mm 7xDarks 15xFlats 15xBias Optolong L-Pro Filter

    Plejades M45 28x120s ISO-800 F6.3 600mm 5xDarks 26xFlats 20xBias
    The same applies analogously to galaxies as to planetary photography. It is possible to photograph single galaxies. However, the optic is not fast and not long-wavelength enough for very detailed images.

    Markajan chain 102x240s ISO-800 600mm F6.3 6xDarks 15xFlats 15xBias

    M51 110x120s ISO-1600 1200mm F13 7xDarks 15xFlats 15xBias
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    LiveShots reacted to Luxscribe in Greetings from Pennsylvania USA   
    Finally got to process one, My buddy THOR. Taken with a Canon 55MM f1.4 M39 screw mount. 1/60 f4 ISO 1600.

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    LiveShots reacted to 94arts_ in HAMBURG PHOTOGRAPHY - 94arts_   
    Hamburg Photography
    How i see the City

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    LiveShots reacted to aquabluedreams in SonyAlphaForum image section: Ocean Rock   
    Neah Bay, WA State.
    Sony A7RIII
    Tamaron 28-200mm 

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    LiveShots got a reaction from Pieter in Α1 Problem   
    Update: B&H have accepted my return and will be shipping me a new α1 once they receive the next shipment.
    I think the next batch arrives on 5th April so hopefully less than 2 weeks before I can start shooting photos again.
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    LiveShots reacted to Beeboss in internal battery problem a6400   
    I am overjoyed to say that I LiveShots suggestion has paid off and I can now take a photo again without having to set the language I want the photo in first. I will give Sony another chance after all!
    Strangely it appears that 3rd party batteries may work just as the originals as far as taking pictures are concerned but that is not the case for charging the internal battery. I have so many batteries that I use interchangeably that I didn’t even consider it a factor, and why it shoudl make a difference is is still a complete mystery, but I am just happy that an overnight charge using the genuine sony battery seems to have done the trick after everything else failed. I think I may get a few more official batteries.
    So glad I found this out before I sent the camera in for repair.
    Thanks everyone for your help.
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    LiveShots reacted to XKAES in First shot with Minolta MC Macro Rokkor 50mm f3.5   
    I just got this lens.  Here's my first shot -- geranium flower -- taken at 1:1 (1X, life-size).  1/15s at f11.  Sony a850 -- un-retouched using mirror lock- up and remote release.

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    LiveShots reacted to alasdairmac in Sony A7iii Image Size problem   
    Just like it:  spent hours trying to find the answer and get it just after I posted this.  I did find the instructions for setting Menu Item "APS-C/Super 35mm" a bit confusing but have now reset them to "Shooting" = Auto and "Shoot:Manual" to Off.
    Hope this maybe helps someone else who experiences the same issue.
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    LiveShots reacted to thebeardedgroundsman in Minolta AF Reflex 500   
    This conversation started in the topic about whether to use filters or not.
    Where I thought my Minolta 500mm reflex could not take screw on filters, I was informed it could. I investigated furthether to find that the lens hood I thought was integral could indeed be removed to reveal an 82mm diameter thread. I've now bought myself a UV filter to protect the lens and have found my Firecrest filter system fits as well (for polarising and creative filters).
    To move forward... as Xykes says, I also believe this lens (or the Sony branded identical lens) to be the only Autofocus reflex lens ever produced.
    I love it, although it has a fixed aperture of f/8 and some people find "doughnutting" a problem with this type of lens. 
    It is the lightest lens in my kit, so I am happy to keep it in my bag, whereas my other 500mm lens tends to get left behind unless I am specifiacally going out after wildlife or the moon.
    I also find I can use it hand held for wildlife - not needing my monopod so much.
    Here are a couple of pics I have taken with it.

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    LiveShots got a reaction from franceskeeley in Sony ZV1 recording stopping after few minutes only   
    Its not camera specific. 
    So search for the battery name not the camera. The zv1 only came out recently so they have not updated the descriptions on camera compatibility.
    I think when first connecting the camera to the main outlet, the camera should be OFF and make sure you have this setting correct. 
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    LiveShots got a reaction from Rea in Is it a good time to buy the A6400?   
    There are always new cameras being released so if you wait for the next best thing, then you may be waiting for a long time. As new cameras are released then there are sometimes a flood of great used cameras at good prices.
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    LiveShots got a reaction from franceskeeley in Sony ZV1 recording stopping after few minutes only   
    is it this one?
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    LiveShots reacted to ALandau in Alex_L   
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    LiveShots reacted to thebeardedgroundsman in Mystical cold forest   
    Taken at -20 dogs. with a wind blowing in the forest around Levi in arctic Finland.
    An early attempt of mine at B&W conversion - not that it needed much as the snow is white and the sky is grey anyway!

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    LiveShots reacted to Chris Schlaf in First Post here   
    600mm Gmaster + 1x4 Converter 
    Feedback Welcome 

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    LiveShots reacted to davepnc in Bird In Flight -- share your BIF photos here!!!   
    When an Osprey leaves the water it shakes like a dog to shed weight.
    Sony A7R IV with Sony FE 400 mm F2.8 GM +1.4 Teleconverter 1/3200 Second at ISO 1250

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    LiveShots reacted to BGM in Bird In Flight -- share your BIF photos here!!!   
    Sony a7siii

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    LiveShots reacted to Darling5 in Sony A7R2 + RockStar 10mm F8   
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    LiveShots reacted to thebeardedgroundsman in Isolation   
    Anyone got photos capturing the feeling of Isolation?
    Here's my effort. Taken in Vesterålen Norway.

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    LiveShots reacted to thebeardedgroundsman in Black East Indian ducks   
    I spotted these two on my way home from work - I believe they are Black East Indian ducks (from America - not India)
    I spotted them as Black ducks through the reeds, but when I got closer the iridescence appeared.
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