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  1. Yes... Sorry for not having this simple idea to just google the message.. It solved my problem! Thanks a lot!!
  2. Thanks for trying to help! However, it still does not work... I am getting the attached message, when in manual mode and clicking the left wheel. I searched all options. I am sure, that hdr is off and only single shot is selected. What am I missing? And where can I find that option?
  3. Hello community, I am new to this forum - and new to photography. I have the alpha 6000 with the standrad objective mounted right now and want to make some photos using the self-timer in manual mode. I want something with about 8 seconds aperture time. Thus, I switch the camera to manual mode (M) and clik on the left of the wheel. Unfortunately, a massage shows up, that this function is not available rigt now. If I anyway mount the cam on a stativ and press the trigger, the cam takes altogether 4 (?) pictures (looong breack (severeal seconds in between)), that are processed afterwards. HDR is not activated (if I understand this correctly). So, what happend is: I triggered the photo and moved into the scene. At the photo later, i was visible as a "ghost" - so a bit transparent. I did not expected this and initialy did not want this, but I really like the effect - and want to reproduce it now... But as I am totally confused, I dont really know how I did this, and how I can reproduce it. Maybe it is even possible to have several "ghosts-mes" in the picture. (I.e. me in different positions?) How would I do this? I am not sure, but maybe the effect came, because i have 8 seconds apperture and moved during this time in the picture? Or did it happen becuase I do have some HDR stuff active (although I dont think so) and I moved in the scene between two of those HDR frames? Sorry, I am really a bit confused and dont have much time to get this ready. I hope someone can give me a hint? The first thing to know is maybe, why I cant activate the self-timer... All the best Chris
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