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  1. Portrait of Bella with my 1972 Takumar 55 f 1.8.
  2. Stunning!! There's that Leica look again!!
  3. The best thing about the Loxias is the fantastic micro contrast that not many other lenses can give. I had a 50mm and like an idiot I sold it. I'm on the hunt for another. Oliver
  4. Hi!! This is very nice!! I do wish there were new lenses that did this. I can see why HCB liked it!! I like pretty much all of what he did. Oliver
  5. Hi, I looked at that lens a while back too. In the end I bought the Sony version and put it on the LAEA3 as the lens has a motor in it and therefore the focus doesn't give problems as the camera not the adapter does the focusing. I have found that the LAEA4 and zooms don't play too well together as often it is hard to microadjust each 'end' of the zoom. One will always be slightly out. I only use primes on the LAEA4 now. Oliver
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