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  1. Great pics. If I may ask what was lens used for this one (and couple of others I likes there), please? https://www.flickr.com/photos/39677670@N06/30168420532/in/dateposted-public/
  2. Hi, I got A7 for some time and very happy with it so far. Have couple of legacy primes, but still don’t have 35mm lens. Actually, I tried Minolta MC 35/2.8 but didn’t like it too much (maybe it was bad copy ?!). Couldn’t find to many 35mm lens comparisons on the web (despite so many 50’s). Would like to hear from you what are your impressions of adapted 35mm legacy primes used on A7 camera so far. I am mostly interested to use it for indoor (so f2 or f2.8) and street photography. Appreciate all opinions and input. Thank you. P.S. – the reason for this post - I noticed that prices of old primes doubled in last 2 years, and don’t have to much funds/time to experiment myself.
  3. Hi, I am needing a 85mm f2 or better lens for my A7 Before I save for a new Batis I am looking for sharpest option on "legacy" market. Would like to hear what you got and how do you like it. My budget would be around $250. Best,
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