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  1. Sony A7iii with Tamron 28-75 @ 28mm f/8
  2. I am amateur photographer who recently got into this hobby. Just wanted share some pictures with everyone to get some advice and criticism. I still have a lot to learn and trying to improve everyday. Me and wife were there in Switzerland for a week for our honeymoon and I got the opportunity to take some pictures. DSC04035 by israr rafi, on Flickr DSC04204 by israr rafi, on Flickr DSC04049 by israr rafi, on Flickr DSC04083 by israr rafi, on Flickr DSC04358 by israr rafi, on Flickr
  3. could you please post some samples for the 70-300? For some reasons it is very hard to find reviews and sample pictures for this lens online. Thank you.
  4. Having visited Norway recently I would say something wide would be the most useful, 18-35 in this case. But also take the zoom lens 70-300 for zooming in to the fjords and waterfalls once in a while. Norway is heavenly. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  5. Where exactly in Norway was this? Lofoten islands?
  6. Hello, I am travelling to fairbanks, Alaska for a few days in late march. I have heard horrible stories of people's cameras stopping to work or condensation forming inside the lens or sensors in cold weather. Is there anything I should be mindful about taking the camera outside? I do not think the a7II is weatherproof in anyway. some people online have mentioned using a ziplock bag. How would that work/help? I will be primarily shooting landscapes and aurora (if lucky). Any advice will will be immensely helpful. Thank You
  7. Where did you find the firmware? I can't find it in sony's site.
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