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  1. I primarily shoot adapted manual primes on my a6000 and love the experience. My original idea also included eventually picking up an A7 series down the road but, I could see myself just getting an a6300 or more realistically another a6000 and more glass. Focus peaking is a tool that helps to approximate the area in focus. It won't be adequate by itself. Coupled with focus magnification, and recomposing it is quite possible to achieve tack sharp images at a variety of focal lengths. (I currently shoot 15 / 40 / 75) It is not difficult but can be frustrating at first. Absolutely, figuring out what they are for you is what will eliminate the frustration mentioned above. I am a firm believer that good glass yields better pictures. I also believe there are infinite definitions for good and better I invested in a quality first prime and feel I am better off for it. I am happy that I learned the ropes with a good lens. I could see the IQ potential that existed beyond my abilities and it drove me to get better at doing what I could to unlock that potential. All of that being said I'd like to add that I find the finesse of shooting full manual quite meditative and am consistently pleased if not blown away by the quality of the images I have gotten over the past few months. One trick that helped me to get my mind around how to use focus peaking etc was using a macro extension tube with my 40mm lens. It may sound a bit silly but having such a small DoF really provided tacit awareness of in focus and out of focus areas and allowed me to pay attention to what I was doing instead of trying to mentally process larger scenes relative to what I was doing. After a couple sessions of doing this (maybe 2-300 frames) I was much better equipped to operate my setup in a normal configuration. I like to repeat this process as part of test driving a new lens as well.
  2. I am researching a similar solution... constantly. Is this for a travel/hiking backpack? or more of general use bag? For now I use an older Tamrac shoulder bag that fits inside my general use backpack. I think the closest currently would be the Tradewind 3.6 or 5.1. This was driven more by my backpack than the camera bag. I needed a small camera bag that would fit my body, 4 or so lenses, and a few accessories and still allow enough room for my laptop, general electronics, and a basic change of clothes or extra layers as needed. Weekend trips or daily sessions on longer trips was my focus and the setup worked fine for a month traveling and continues to give me good flexibility. I am currently researching a backpack upgrade more than anything and I really have my eye on this one: https://www.wandrd.com/products/prvke My kit is fairly tiny (why I own a6000... small but, powerful) and with some trial and error I think I could hit 5+ days with my full kit, laptop etc out of this bag.
  3. It is my favorite lens by a longshot on my A6000. I imagine it only gets better in a FF reality. On the crop sensor it has a really honest "what you see" perspective, contrast and color rendering are tight and honest. Wonderful IQ and heaps of "character." Perfect street/general use/walk around lens. It fits comfortably in my pocket (even at 587g on the A6000.) I keep a CV 15mm II as a sidekick in the other pocket. I can't wait to try it on an A7SII at some point for some HDR studies. The VM-E adaptor is also amazing if you plan on acquiring any other M mount lenses. It really "opens up" my 15mm. So while expensive, it is an amazing tool in it's own right! There are other brands now that offer similar functionality as the VM-E at a lower price point. There are some reviews in the adapted lenses / adaptors discussions here. So that may open an avenue incase you find the lens but not adaptor. I have grown quite fond of how well the Voigtlander Heliar lenses perform with my Sony sensor and would love to see the Anniversary Heliar 50mm f/3.5 re-released for VM-E... if I had a wish etc. Until then I've got my eye on the 75 f/1.8. I'll try to dig out some images and share later.
  4. specs and pricing... that 10mm is looking like it wants to be in my bag at this point. http://www.dailycameranews.com/2016/02/voigtlander-heliar-hyper-wide-10mm-f5-6-aspherical-and-super-wide-helliar-15mm-f4-5-aspherical-iii-lenses-for-sony-e-mount/
  5. I have almost bought the VM 12mm numerous times and just ordered the VM 15mm ii for use with the VM/E Close Focus adaptor on my a6000. If I feel I need more than I get out of the 15mm then I will consider the E-Mounts depending upon price and whether or not I'd give up flexibility by running the E-Mount instead of M-Mount version on the Close Focus Adaptor. According to the Voigtlander documentation the VM 15mm with the VM/E Close Focus adaptor has a focusing range of inf-10.8cm (50cm w/out) and the VM 12mm has a range inf-10cm (50cm w/out.) I am really curious about how the 10mm will spec out. My interest in these lenses is for shooting art installations and landscapes.
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