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  1. I realize the stopped down focusing using magnified view with or without focus peaking is available. However, this is hardly optimum for really good, accurate focus discrimination. There is a Novoflex and Fotodiox Nikon G lens to Canon adapter that has the right feature. And right now, I use those adapters. Yes, the Pentax M42 lenses, some of them, offer a preset feature, and I use that as well. But I really want a Leica R lens solution, which does not seem to exist. Mind you, each of the solutions noted requires a something to NeX adapter anyway.... why not include preset adapter in the final solution? Note that this same problem also exists fo anyone with the new Canon -M or Nikon Z cameras.
  2. The "problem" with most adapters is that they are really slow to use. My way of doing things is to open th elens up to maximum aperture for focusing; Focus with A& to maximum magnification, focus using a ground glass approach : shut lens down to working opening: Shoot. Repeat. It is not the speed that is the issue, it is the requirement to open the lens up and then close it down..... which currently requires the user to take the camera from the eye to set the aperture. In the old days (1960's) lenses were made with preset apertures... you set one ring for working aperture, then use a second ring to open up to max aperture, and it locked you to working aperture without further examination.... it was like a limit stop that worked wide open and again at working aperture. An adapter could be easily made to work with t he lens aperture as a preset one..... ( see the Novoflex Nikon to Canon mount semi permanent adapter which has this feature) but others, in general , do not. Nikon lenses, Leica R lenses, Minolta, and others all work with a moving auto aperture pin that could be easily used in this mode.... Does anyone know what adapters have this feature?
  3. I changed the mount on my stock A7. After the swap, one of my adapters no longer "clicks" into place. It is either the Novoflex to Nikon (more likely) or the Novoflex to Leica. Overall not a probblem but if you rotate the lens focus ring, you risk having the lens disconnect from the camera. I have decided to swap back to the stock mount. BTW, an email to Novoflex and another to Fotodiox got me no response. I guess no one wants to take responsibility.
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