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  1. The manual for the A7ii states: "Allows you to adjust and register an autofocused position for each lens, when using an Amount lens with the Mount Adaptor LA-EA2 or LA-EA4 (sold separately)." "The [AF Micro Adj.] supports Sony, Minolta, or Konica-Minolta lenses. If you perform [AF Micro Adj.] with lenses other than the supported lenses, the registered settings for the supported lenses may be affected. Do not perform [AF Micro Adj.] with an unsupported lens." I read this to mean that autofocus micro adjustment isn't supported for any lens other than the stated Sony, Minolta, or
  2. Prior to the firmware update for the A7ii, the only real option was to use the Sony LA-EA4 mount adapter with the Tamron to take full advantage of phase detection autofocus on the Tamron super zoom (with A mount). With the firmware update, though, the camera gains the ability to use all of its phase detection points, suggesting that using the LA-EA3 mount adapter may actually yield better autofocus results. I'm aware some pros (e.g. Brian Smith) recommend the LA-EA3 when the big Tamron is used on the A7Rii, but I wonder if the same would be true for the A7ii after its firmware upgrade?
  3. The A7ii firmware update is supposed to allow use of all of the phase detection sensors in the camera, which vastly outnumber the amount used in the LA-EA4. In theory, this update should make using the LA-EA3 adapter with A-mount lenses have faster focus ability than using the same lens with the LA-A4 adapter. I have no doubt experts will evaluate the firmware update with both adapters and come up with some recommendations.
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