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  1. The fact that Sony doesn't have face exposure in video mode is an absurd reality. And it has produced what I call "black face syndrome" in countless millions of vlogs to date. Anyone got an idea when they will add this extremely standard (and easy to pull off technically) and feature?!
  2. 4 months ago I bought an a6300 on ebay. The EVF was so tilted that I carefully inspected the side of the camera, assuming I would see signs of it being dropped. I estimate it was off by 8° counter-clockwise. 3 weeks ago I bought an a6500 from adorama. The EVF was tilted counter-clockwise about 4°. Enough to drive me insane. So i sent it back for a return as defective. I would have done an exchange, but I feared their entire batch would have the defect. Last week I bought one from K&M Camera. It arrived today. The EVF is tilted counter-clockwise about 2-3°. Still plenty to drive me crazy. I'm sending it back for a return, except I'm convinced that they all have this defect, and I may not order another to try.
  3. 2. It keeps showing me the "Running on NTSC" nag screen, but I need to shoot in 24p and not 25 or 30p. Is there a way to turn it off? Where are you physically located? If you're in the US, then you bought a grey market camera. I did this once to try to save a few $ for an a6000, and this annoyed me so much that I returned it to the ebay seller.
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