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  1. Ah.. ok. I misunderstood exactly what was going to happen with that setting selected. Thanks!
  2. I’ve suddenly noticed strange behavior with my A7riii. When I have a focus area chosen, it displays and focuses accordingly when the camera is horizontal. When I rotate it vertically the focus area automatically switches to flexible spot. Rotate it horizontally again, it goes back to the chosen focus area. This is happening with every lens, and in both AFC And AFS. Is there some setting I’ve missed that might cause this? I’ve read through the manual and can’t figure it out. Naturally, my camera is just out of warranty. Thanks! Update: I returned the camera to factory settings and it seems to have corrected the problem, but if this is a setting issue, I’d still like to know what I did!
  3. On my A7riii, I had A Sony card in slot 1. I was shooting when the card filled up. It wouldn't let me view or delete anything off the card, and the camera also wouldn't let me switch to card 2. Since I only have one of the very expensive fast cards, I had to resort to using my other camera until I could get home and download images. Wondering if this is a firmware issue, or do I have yet another defective Sony product?
  4. My issues looked more like lollipop heads on tiny bodies, or bodies just very distorted. Not the kind of deliberate minor angling you do to flatter a fuller figure. There was no way I could have presented such images to a client. I'd like to share a couple but think I've deleted them. My subject was about 2 inches taller than me, maybe 5 feet away.
  5. Username and Jaf, this is really constructive discussion on the distortion issue. I don't know why it didn't occur to me that distance to subject could be the major issue here. My studio is really small, so an 85 isn't practical for anything other than head shots or outdoor work. Every time I put on the 24-70, though, I quickly end up switching back to the 55. Jaf, sorry you haven't loved the 55 1.8 for portraits. I've been really happy with that lens, both indoors and out. I've been thinking of a 35, though, just to be able to do groups and full-length shots. My room is less than 12 feet wide. If I try shooting at 35mm in that space with my 24-70 or Canon 24-105, will it give me a close approximation of what I might experience with the 35 prime? Of course, I know the prime will be a lot better. (PS.. I'm a "she"!)
  6. Thanks! I agree that it's better to have proper lenses! I keep asking myself the focal length questions... I'm using the 55 1.8 for studio work, but could really use something wider so am thinking a 35. I have the 24-70 GM and have just really disliked it. I try to love it, but at 24 I seem to get a lot of distortion if I'm not completely parallel, and at 70 I'm usually wishing for more reach. I have no idea if the distortion is normal or a flaw. That lens had to be sent in for an $1800 warranty repair, and as I had no prior experience with a 24-70 it took me awhile to start questioning things. But I digress!! My problem is that I'm doing portraits, both indoors and out, and I'm also doing landscapes. I only manually focus the landscapes. When I made the Sony leap it was with the belief that I'd be able to rely on the metabones. I bought both in the first flush of rave reviews when the A7rii was released. It's difficult to choose what to buy next!
  7. Thanks! That's exactly what I'm afraid of! I think I won't waste my money!
  8. Any experience with the A7riii and Metabones V? I've shot a lot of landscapes with the A7rii, Canon 16-35, and metabones IV. MANY times, the adapter has failed to connect just at that crucial moment, requiring me to quickly remove and reattach it as the light is lost. I found the autofocus to be slow and unreliable when trying to shoot portraits using Canon glass, so bought Sony lenses for shooting people. I just bought the A7riii, and am trying to decide if I should sell my Canon glass and go Sony (at huge expense), or if it might be worth it to try the new metabones. It's not a small investment, either, though, and it kind of galls me to buy another metabones after my frustrating experience so far. I'm considering the Sony 16-35 2.8, 24-105, an 85, and 70-200 2.8, although it would take me a couple of years. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this. Thanks!
  9. Those look great! I'm planning to order that combination. Are you liking the lens?
  10. Thank you for responding! Can you elaborate a little more? Is the focus not really improved all that much?
  11. I absolutely love my A7rii for landscapes, and when eye focus works, it's amazing. However, when I'm shooting groups, action, etc, I've found getting focus to be very hit or miss, and it's driven me just about crazy. The only reason I want to upgrade is because of the reviews about improved focus. If you've shot with both, is the focus really significantly improved? Is it worth the money? I so well remember the raving reviews about the A7rii's focus tracking, even with adapted lenses. That hasn't been the case for me, even though I've loved it for so many things. Thanks!
  12. Think about the 24-105. The guy at the Sony counter at B&H said it's a great lens. Not super wide, nor super long, but I think it would be a great choice for those times when you want to travel light. It will be my next lens!
  13. I loved my Canon 24-105 as a walk-around lens. While dragging a 24-70 and 70-200 all over New York last weekend, I decided that is definitely my next lens!
  14. I agree with Jaf-Photo, above. My first Sony lens was the 55 1.8. It's a fantastic lens for portraits and a great walk-around lens. Super sharp, with beautiful bokeh. I love it far more than my Sony 24-70G. If you feel really compelled to shoot wide angle, your next lens could be an inexpensive Rokinon.
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