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  1. I am still testing v3.21, from initial test not much significant changes but will test out more
  2. Anyone updated to latest firmware already?. Was so surprised to see a new firmware.
  3. I brought it to Sony and due to no more warranty its not covered. The part where its peeling off they said can be changed but not sure on the cost.
  4. Hi there, Any users of the SEL1670Z having this issue?. See the pics I posted the lens body coating is peeling off. Never dropped the lens or anything and I don't have this issue for example with other 3rd party lenses. gary
  5. Was reading this thread and I am also considering the 18-105. I also saw there is now a new firmware 3.
  6. Firmware support for new lenses, was hoping to see some nice fixes like speedier A6000 response hehe...
  7. Thanks. Hope you had a good visit here. Thean Hou is extra special during CNY as they turn on the lanterns
  8. This was shot using A6000 + LA-EA3 adapter and Samyang 14mm A-mount lens
  9. Yeah I do encounter that too. And sometimes I power off it takes a while for it to do that.
  10. Hi everyone, Sometimes I find that the startup time for A6000 still slow even though previously already had the firmware update for this issue. Do you guys experience this?.
  11. Hi all, This is my first sharing here. Photo taken during my recent trip to Uluwatu temple in Bali. Sony A6000 LA-EA3 adapter Samyang 14mm 2.8 (from A-mount) Manual focus Thanks. gary
  12. Hi all, Thanks for sharing. Essentially the LA-EA2 is very similar to the LA-EA4 correct?. Except that LA-EA4 supports the FF cams like A7 series.... I just checked the price here LA-EA2 and EA4 is almost the same sigh...
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