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  1. We are talking about prime focus here right? Not eyepiece projection. I had my a7s attached to a meade etx-70at for a while. I was using a sony nex T-ring with the meade #64st T-adapter and worked just fine. I think you could have some better luck this way. If not then i quess you need spacers and you should ask more here www. telescopeadapters. com If i remember right the etx125 is about 1900mm which is very powerfull focal length for moon, sun eclipse shots but you have to know that these optics have severe chromatic aberration. But i quess you could post process this problem.Anyway good luck
  2. After the recommentations of Jaf and tinplater, i went with the native 70-200 f4. I am very satisfied and of course my pocket is in pain.Thank you all so much.
  3. Greetings! I own an a7s and i need your suggestions for an 70-200 zoom lens which i will use for dance events. I have read a lot of stuff but i cant figure out what to use. I need of course AF and it seems that the only way is the sony 70-200 f4 oss but not that budget friendly. Has anyone use any combination with acceptable results from sony a-mount, tamron, sigma, canon, nikon and with which adapter? My budget is around 700 euro thank you
  4. i love my a7s for low light. I use it mostly with cheap vintage glass and it is superb. I quess that with the excelent lenses of yours it will be even better. Check my flickr for some low light photos https://www.flickr.com/photos/starsurfing/
  5. Greetings to you all. I am just an amateur photographer who really like shooting dance events. Till now i struggled with poor lighting and manual focus but thanks to low light capabilities of a7s i have manage to achieve some decent photos. Now i have the oportunity to create images with dancers inside dance schools which is a different beast of its own cause i have only a small experience in studio photography through a workshop. My ultimate goal is to create dance portraits. I am not going to shoot a choreochraphy but together with every dancer will shoot single poses and jumps and I know that to be able to freeze movement without any blur i need a flash duration of at least 1/2000. I only have an old nikon sb24 strobe with Yongnuo YN-622 system that works just ok but i am planning to buy more powerfull flash heads. I have seen the broncolor,profoto, einstain (not in europe),elinchrome studio flash heads but its too expensive especially the ones with short flash duration in full power. So i was looking at the Godox ad600 system which is very portable and well priced and can do Hss which I guess is very usefull for dance photography. I will be using black backdrop paper and I can also kill most of the ambient light in dance studio. Lenses to be used is samyang 85mm and nikon 50mm. Is it doable to work with only one flash head and my strobe as fill or with reflectors for a start? I know that I have many things to learn and technical skills to master but I really like working with dancers. What would you pros recommend and advice a newbie like me ? Thank you.
  6. Hi bryangoff, i modded here http://www.jtwastronomy.com/products/modified_sony_a7s.html but since you live in california i have heard very good things about centrals ids http://www.centralds.net/cam/?product=astro-a7s-cooled-camera
  7. Greetings! Beautifull picture! Thanks for sharings! at what iso you took this shot? is it wide open? i also enjoy astrophotography, i have a Ha modded a7s, and i am looking for a new lense. How do you like rokinon? i have heard good things about it. thank you
  8. a very unique and untouched place! I really like the first one!
  9. you can check this out http://www.centralds.net/cam/?product=astro-a7s-cooled-camera
  10. I think that the lighting might be on purpose. It gives a supernatural feeling like it is an extension of her hair and "inner" nature. Amazing shot!
  11. Discordia


    great photo!
  12. I really like the first one. Very sharp lens great for widefield astrophotography
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