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    Wally The Confused reacted to ben7 in 24-105 mm G Lens - What a lens!!!   
    Nice shot
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    Wally The Confused reacted to DrJohn in 24-105 mm G Lens - What a lens!!!   
    I have lots of longer lenses. But, didn't expect this bird and didn't have time to change lenses.
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    Wally The Confused reacted to Bokehbobo in The Leica Summilux 35 mm 1.4 ?   
    I would wait on making a decision until after https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/confirmed-sony-35mm-f-1-4-gm-lens-will-be-announced-on-january-13-at-1500-london-time/
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    Wally The Confused reacted to petrochemist in Adapter for Leica L mount lenses   
    I strongly suspect no-one makes one, and quite possibly never will.
    Leica L has only 1-2mm more registration than e-mount which doesn't leave a lot of space for an adapter.
    I've not got any L mount bits but I think it's also significantly wider than e-mount which almost certainly makes an adapter that focuses to infinity without optical elements impossible.
    Google is showing you all the adapters there are 😳
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    Wally The Confused reacted to Alejandro Espeche in Flor   
    BW with C1P

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    Wally The Confused reacted to jmgul in Rest on Stairs   
    A street photo. In Cáceres Spain. Unesco World Heritage Site.
    Ilce7M2 ¬ SEL1224
    f/5.6  1/40s

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    Wally The Confused reacted to Pieter in Lens Selection for Landscape & Architecture   
    Sorry but that's just really bad advise... Why would you want to buy a non-native APS-C lens to put on your fullframe camera via an adapter?
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    Wally The Confused reacted to Bokehbobo in 16-35mm f2.8 Lens Dropped   
    Spot on. I made a similar observation about the lens release button location on my a7rIII after nearly dropping the 16-35 last year. Clearly I did not pay enough attention! For many years I used Nikons and now fully appreciate the simple logic of locating the lens release on the opposite side from the hand grip.
    I love my 24-105 as well. 
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    Wally The Confused reacted to Pieter in A7III with 1635 F2.8 GM   
    Your camera settings seem ok so no issue there. Be sure to disable stabilization when shooting from a tripod as your camera will try to compensate for shake that isn't there. This might result in a slight blur.
    It's quite difficult to assess your photos (am on phone atm). On the second photo it seems to be a depth of field / focus plane issue: the buildings in the back seem sharper than the trees/foliage. Same with the last image: focus seems to be more on the lightpost than on the buildings. Based on the perspective of the last image it seems to be a crop near the corner of the frame. In my opinion it is pretty sharp: corners always lack behind a bit in sharpness but I can still differentiate individual pixels along contrasty edges.
    When shooting a cityscape at such a distance, atmospheric haze or fog/smog will also deteriorate image sharpness.
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    Wally The Confused reacted to Pieter in A7III with 1635 F2.8 GM   
    No, it's the other way around: higher resolution will result in more blurry pixels if the initial image wasn't sharp to begin with.
    Without more details about camera settings like shutter speed and aperture and other conditions like tripod use and subject movement it's totally impossible to guess what might cause unsharp pictures in your case.
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    Wally The Confused reacted to LiveShots in Nesting baby bird   
    I managed to get rather close to this nesting bird, Animal Eye AF was on.

    Zooming in on the eye, that reflection (arrowed) is me, 

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    Wally The Confused reacted to Ben in The Crescent Nebula in Cygnus   
    many forums and the "pros" once were certain that the star eater issue makes the Sony A7 Series unusable for astrophotography but I always had good results with my Sony A7rII. So I recently went ahead and had it astromodified. The thick IR-Block Filterglas was replaced with a thin Baader substitute that lets IR Light down to the h-alpha line and the sII line through to the sensor with high transmission. The results can be seen in detail on my google drive link here:
    I could write a lot of things that make the A7rII not the perfect camera for astro but suffice to say, it is still bloody capable. Cheers and CS,
    Ben - Instagram - AstroBin
    Technical stuff:
    Imaging telescope or lens : Meade SN-8 Imaging camera : Sony a7rII astro modified Focal reducer : TeleVue ParaCorr PLU1106 Filter : STC Cyclops Optics STC Astro Duo-Narrowband Filter Dates : May 28, 2020 Frames : STC Cyclops Optics STC Astro Duo-Narrowband Filter :  39x300" ISO640 Integration : 3.2 hours Darks : ~50 Flats : ~50 Avg. Moon age : 5.67 days Avg. Moon phase : 32.16% Bortle Dark-Sky Scale : 8.00 Processing was done with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Aries Productions Astro Pixel Processor APP and Adobe Photoship CC 2018. Stacked with sigma kappa clipping 3/1. Light pollution could not be removed automatically in A.P.P. and had to be done manually in Lightroom with local adjustments and a lot of fiddling. Both images have reduced star sizes with a minimum filter applied to masked stars. The masked stars color’s were also tweaked in order to bring them close to the feel of a normal broadband rgb distribution with colors between either aqua and blue or yellow and orange. I did however not manage to create a mask that includes the faintest and smallest of stars. If you look closely you see how the star colors are a little off, the smaller the stars get

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    Wally The Confused reacted to Rod Williams in 100-400g-master focus   
    Unfortunately my a7riii will not update to the latest firmware. I have tried all the various connection options and tried connecting it to different computers including macs and PCs. I think Sony will charge over $400 if I send it to them and then I will likely be without the camera for a month. I will try the lens on my a9ii again when I get it back. I went ahead and sent it to a Jersey shop that B&H referred me to. They are working on it for a hefty sum. Prior to sending it out, there didn’t seem to be a difference in 400mm focus on either camera. $2500 seems like a lot to pay to end up manually focusing. I wish I knew that before buying the lens. Thanks for your help. Clearly frustrated with all the cost and lack of results from these tools. Ultimately, it seems like the industry is more about making money than having reliable and superior products. These cameras should not be so impossible  to update and these ridiculously expensive g-master lenses should have a 5 year warranty. 
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    Wally The Confused reacted to ChrisLewis in Low-light, wide-angle lenses for A7iii   
    In anyone's book the 35mm 1.8 is certainly a wideangle lens, ultrawide was not specified, the others are just for information. The 24mm GM was mentioned by another poster but the OP specified that it should not break the bank, so I was offering an alternative. The 28mm f2 is also worth considering but in Sony land there isn't a cheap, fast ultra wideangle yet. There is also the 20mm f2 Tokina if the AF noise isn't a bother and the IQ acceptable. The trouble is that cheap, fast and wideangle are rare companions.
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    Wally The Confused reacted to felipe in Por si es de interes general   
    Hola,salu2 de Felipe 😊
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    Wally The Confused reacted to jamescooper in In The Marina !   
    Good poses. Face expression is quite natural. Aperture priority mode is just perfect. 
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    Wally The Confused reacted to jamescooper in Red & Blue   
    Nice color combination with soft light. But to be honest, I didn't like the tongue showing expression. 
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    Wally The Confused reacted to michelb in Grossly overexposed images using Nex-6 inbuilt flash.   
    Are you certain your Red-Eye reduction is not actib=vated ? It would explain the numerous flash bursts you are describing
    Are you certain your flash exposure compensation is set at 0EV ? It would explain the overexposure
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    Wally The Confused reacted to LiveShots in A9ii   
    I agree, my a9 meets all of my current needs, it’s still the best sports camera in the world in my opinion.
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    Wally The Confused reacted to GARoss in Can't load memory card into Slot 1, Slot 2 is OK   
    Received my a7R4 from repair today. They said they ordered a part to fix my Slot 1 issue. Also, cleaned the sensor reset to factory defaults & a general wipe down cleaning of the camera. Tried the camera & all seems fine. It was a warranty repair, n/c.
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    Wally The Confused reacted to Rogue_odyssey in First Lens for Sony A7III, Best Image Quality   
    A concept I learned in the military and still apply today is the mission drives the gear. If I'm going out to photograph people I'll reach for a portrait lens. If I'm going to go photograph landscapes I'll reach for my wide angle lens. If i have no idea what i might photograph I'll reach for my general purpose 24-105mm lens. I get the most joy out of photography when i have the right tool for the job. I don't think f4 is too restrictive in low light situations given the A7iii's performance. Just have reasonable expectations for that aperture in low light. I believe if you keep the camera profile small and light (hey that's the reason we went to mirrorless, right?  then you'll find the experience more enjoyable. 
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    Wally The Confused reacted to Pieter in Urgent : Lens Suggestion for Sony a7iii ?   
    I don't think OP cares anymore as he posted his message as 'urgent' half a year ago and never commented on any of the suggestions.
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    Wally The Confused reacted to Mikey Leigh in Sony 70-350 APSC zoom lenses on a7 series   
    Has anyone tried the new sony 70-350 APSC on a full-frame a7 series?   For some of the APSC zoom lenses, the image pretty much covers the entire full-frame sensor when fully zoomed.  I would use this lens on my a7r3 at 350 all the time for bird and small wildlife, so bad vignetting at shorter focal lengths is not an issue, and slight vignetting at 350 is also OK.    I hike a lot, and the 100-400 is just too heavy! 
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    Wally The Confused reacted to Pieter in Sony 70-350 APSC zoom lenses on a7 series   
    Are you sure your A7R4 didn't automatically switch to crop mode when putting on the 70-350? That would explain why it doesn't vignette.
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    Wally The Confused reacted to Pieter in Sony 70-350 APSC zoom lenses on a7 series   
    It was the very question the original poster was interested in: does the 70-350 cover more than the APS-C sensor size? Your post doesn't answer that question.
    Some APS-C lenses do, like the 10-18 f/4: If you put it at around 14 mm it has an image circle which covers a fullframe sensor, so there's no need to use auto-crop and loose a lot of megapixels.
    If you want to really help the OP (and others with the same question), grab your A7R4, disable auto APS-C, shoot some photos at 70, 200 and 350 mm and post them here so we can all evaluate them to see how much of a usable fullframe image one can get out of this lens.
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