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    Jump for Joy

    "It is also a profession, even if it is being eroded by dilettantes." It is a profession and I make no claim to be a professional photographer. To say that its being eroded by non-professionals without knowledge is simply an arrogance. I am a professional engineer and a designer but there are many great ideas and approaches being demonstrated by non-professional engineers/designers. Your are right that skills can be taught but not the creativity or the style and the eye for products one creates - image or anything else for that matter. There are so many professional photogs that are just okay with lots of rules and skills under their command - nothing special or original. As for doctors and lawyers, there is a reason they are called "practice" as their judgement impacts the outcome significantly. It is that judgement that we are discussing.
  2. mkg3

    Jump for Joy

    Like I said, its my preference and people can like/dislike the orientation of the image. The example you've provided is not cropped enough. I would bring in much closer so that the pole and both trash cans in the background are eliminated. The bottom of the image would only included the wet ground and in fact, I would cut the bottom of the photo at the top half of the middle set of first spouts (like you did for the landscape crop). The top would be cropped just above the column height. I do not agree with the first two points Jaf makes and that's fine. The third point to me is irrelevant as I would crop it at the same location that the landscape crop you've made. Its a moot point. What's important is not what Jaf or anyone says, including myself - its your expression and intent for the image. If you are unhappy with it, then some basics and technical rules/interpretations may help you bring the image to the something that you do like - but that's where it ends.
  3. mkg3

    Jump for Joy

    Perhaps just my perspective but I find the image would benefit being more of portrait orientation than in landscape, when cropping. The last image, it feels head-room cramped. Plus you've lost the height of the background column that balance the image of a person jumping. Also, I like the wet reflection on the foreground and the water spouting up too - it adds tot he scene. Again, its probably just me and since everyone has an opinion on these things, what matters is what you like and are happy with. Cheers!
  4. One of the key strength of Sony body is being able to use adapters and lenses from different mounts. Since you came from Canon, and presumably had a 35mm that you were satisfied with, why not simply use that lens (or may have to buy it back) with one of the adapters (Metabone?) the support AF.
  5. I'm currently thinking about Tokina Firin 20mm/2.0 vs Nikkor 20mm/1.8+adapter. Firin is $700 MF/$950AF and Nikkor is $800. There's Sigma ART 20/1.4 $900 but both out perform it. I believe all three/four meets your criteria.
  6. Yes I am using Nikkor 24-120/f4 with Commlite firmware v6 on a7Rii. The lens performance is excellent. AF works best with center focus (only uses phase detection - no contrast) and performs at about 90% of native speed, when compared to my D500. VR does not work at all for me but I've read others that say it does. The main difference being I use back button focus, whereas those that say works have the focus tied to the shutter button. I have not bothered to experiment to see if that's a true statement, however. Often if I am just grabbing the camera on the go, I make sure that the 24-120 lens is on. As a side note, I also use 300/4 PF on a7Rii and works 99% of the time quite well. The 1% of the time, it freezes and I have to dismount the lens with the adapter and remount. It takes couple of seconds and it happens occasionally, but having a sharp 300 prime is huge on the 42mp body.
  7. Currently, when I travel, I have 3 lenses with me for every trip. I use 24-120/4, 55/1.8 and 70-200/4, and the 24-120 is on the body most of the time when walking around. That said, I've found 24 bit on the narrow side for some of the landscape and probably will pick up something wider - but not too wide to limit optical distortion. Also would like something at least f2.0 as I plan to use it indoors. So with all that, I've found 70-200 is essential for landscape. Its not intuitive but wide angle just doesn't capture some of the images that need to be closer for details and composition. As one have noted above, picking up 55 or 50 would be a great gap filler since you can always crop 35 to 55/50, and 50/55 to 70 FOV without too much loss of pixel count. Good luck.
  8. I have several Nikkors that I use with my a7Rii including 300mm/4 PF and 24-120mm/4 with the Commlite adapter. It AF and meta data works. There are lots of feedback on the subject online. https://www.amazon.com/Commlite-CM-ENF-E1-Autofocus-Electronic-Transmitting/dp/B073ZFDJG6 That said, the lenses focuses slightly slower ~85% of native, and VR really doesn't work. I'm currently debating between Nikkor 20mm/1.8 or the new Tokina 20mm/2.0AF (native FE). ps, just don't get rid of D5 until you have put a7iii to paces. I found a9 insufficient for some action shots where there are multiple subjects in a zone (e.g., soccer game). Nikon AF for sports is still better and more accurate. Haven't seen any a7iii AF comparison other than a single subject focus.
  9. When compared to zooms, where the objective is to make the whole range good versus any one distance - yes. Of course I have no interest in debating it when the subject really is the A9 body. I am much more interested in understanding why Commlite/Vello works better on A9 vs A7Rii. Probably has to do with sensor density more than anything but who knows at this early days of A9.
  10. Yes from FL perspective but not at f2.8 or f4.0 and not optimized for 300mm, as primes are....
  11. Has anyone notice that the focus is off since the update? I did the version 3 update and now all my images that indicate that its focused by the body is all out of focus. Is there a way to go back to version 2? Thanks in advance.
  12. Just wanted to share my recent experience with Commlite AF F to E adapter with FW version 4.0 with a7Rii. Over time, there have been many negative reviews based on earlier firmware and trying lenses that are not supported by the adapter (per Commlite listing of lenses). While I agree that more than the list provided should work, I am making the eval based on what is claimed by them and how I use it. I own two AF-S either E or G Nikkors (the rest are all AFDs): 24-120mm f/4 VR and 300mm f/4 PF VR. First key good points: The current FW (ver 4.0) works as stated and no, it does not focus as fast as native lens (i.e., Sony AF E mount, or Nikkors on Nikon) but fast for most things. I've found its AF accurate and about 80-90% speed of native mount. AF works both in Aperture and Shutter priority modes. Its more than fine for still subjects but can be a challenging for moving subjects at time. That said, I've pretty much given up using a7Rii for moving subjects and have gone back to Nikon for action/sports, except using video mode for the most part. A7Rii it struggles with AF speed and blackouts on EVF in real life field use. A9 looks great but I don't want to be a beta tester for Sony at the price of A9. I'll wait until A9ii comes out. Not so good points: Exposure is inconsistent at times (<5%) and does not like low lighting condition. It struggles to focus indoors on a cloudy day at f/4. It also stops working if mounted on the camera and not used after 10~15 minutes. It requires the adapter to be disconnected and reconnected to the body (or camera turned on and off couple of times). Also uses quite a bit of battery power but I don't have other AF adapters to make comparison so maybe its not an issue. AF for video doesn't work at all (as stated by Commlite) and its a shame as I use 4K video at high shutter speed (for sports and action) to capture 24fps images by frame grabbing short videos. I usually use 70-200 f/4 native lens on cropped setting for this purpose. It results in 8mp jpeg but its more than fine for most things. Last, it works best using Center Focus mode and VR appears not to work. If VR is working its subtle and nothing like it does on Nikon body. The takeaway is that I can mount my AF Nikkors (24-120 f/4 and 300mm f/4PF) onto my a7Rii along with my native FE lenses and use AF. I am not a fan of MF like many here so its a bigger deal for me than most on this forum. I usually shoot moving subjects vast majority of the time. (Btw, 24-120 f/4 is my "go-to" travel lens on a7Rii). Since I also have Nikon gear, being able to use common lenses is a big cost savings and convenience. For me, it outweighs the negatives/shortcomings of this adapter.
  13. Just to be clear, none of the adapters you've listed will AF Nikkors. The only AF adapter (and I don't know if it works with A6000) is Commlite CM-ENF-E(1). This adapter is also sold as Vello and Fotodiox branding but its the same unit. It all costs around $370~400US.
  14. timde, thanks for that. Your spot on about switching images from one to another. It seems that C1 regenerates preview from raw each time something is touched, change of view, small adjustments or what have you. Regardless of how its done, clearly its a sw issue and not hw....
  15. David, can you give us a sense of how much faster the image rendering is on v10 vs v9. For an example, on my 2016 MBP 15", C1 still lags when I am rotating an image for a7Rii. The same image in 3yr old Aperture v3.6 rotates without hesitation. Thanks in advance.
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