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  1. I, too, have a Minolta Rokkor 50 1.4 and love it. I saved mine from a dingy old pawnshop in the bad part of town. It was covered in a layer of dust and probably hadn't seen the sunshine in a decade. The macro was shot using a $10 Minolta 1:1 extension tube (I believe it was made for the 50mm 3.5 macro) that I bought out of the used bin in a local camera shop.
  2. Discovered this lens covered in dust at an old, run down, local pawn shop. Snapped it up. Seems to be a pretty great lens.
  3. Thanks guys. GAS indeed. It's something I never had when I shot Canon. I had a EF 50 1.4, a Tamron 17-35 2.8-4 and a 70-200 2.8L and I was happy. The white lens almost never came off the body. Weird. Maybe I'm chasing the look from that lens, my favorite of all time. Langstrum, I get what you're saying on the zooms — none of those were "buys." They were all included with lots. Those FD zoom macros are particularly bad. The little Tou/Five Star is the only FD lens I have that I occasionally use. The Sigma zoom is a great lens, but I'm tempted to send it off for repair, get the AF fixed, an
  4. (MODERATORS: I noticed the legacy lens part of the forum too late, if you think this should go there, by all means, move it. It probably does fit there best.) I worked as a professional sports photographer for years, blindly shooting away with a Canon and not truly appreciating photography. I got a promotion and was no longer required to shoot, so I sold my gear. After a few years I got the itch again, but there were stipulations: No. 1 — No backaches. I wanted to go light. No. 2 — I wanted to shoot on a budget (I've added kids and other expenses). No. 3 — I wanted to have fun.
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