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  1. Based on the advice of others in this forum I have found my way to the Peak Design "Cuff". I am very happy with it.
  2. I have now tried two copies of Metabones' Canon FD-Sony E Adapter (Part# MB_FD-E-BM1) on my Sony cameras. This adapter fits comfortably on the Sony a6000 body, however on the A7Rii it does not properly fit and to my horror it appeared to scratch the front surface of the lens mount. I have several other Metabones adapters for Sony E (Nikon F, C/Y) that do not have this issue, and generally I find the quality of the Metabones adapters to be better than competing brands - certainly better than the lower end brands, but also better than the Novaflex adapters that cost ~2x as much. This issue bring
  3. Can you upload a short clip exhibiting this problem? I agree with pilsburypie that this looks more like a codec issue than something on the camera side. Can't say for sure without an original video file though.
  4. On Sony sensors (and most modern DSLRs) expose for your highlights, not midtones or shadows. Shoot RAW and then recover your shadows in C1/Lightroom/Photoshop (and use the live histogram when shooting to know that there is information there!). Think of it this way - you have an incredibly powerful tool available to you - you've invested the money to get something that, in the hands of an experienced photographer, can yield outstanding images. Invest the time to make yourself that photographer! The HDR/Tonemapped B&W photo in your flickr series looks close to what the A7RII can giv
  5. This is a depressing thread. If you don't know how to shoot photos don't blame the camera system... the truth is that with almost any modern digital camera (FF or crop sensor) you can take amazing photographs. If your knowledge and experience is limited to aligning a viewfinder and pressing a shutter button then you are wasting money on any high end camera. Don't buy the "best" camera or think that money will buy you better pictures. Purchase something on the cheap side and invest your time in shooting as much as possible and gaining experience in editing RAW photos. In camera JPEGs ar
  6. Thanks fermin, seb and dclark! I totally missed that Peak sells those other accessories. They seem to make a good quality product, so I will probably look there at the cuff in particular.
  7. I use 3rd party glass ("legacy" is a condescending word and inaccurate when it refers to lenses that are still sold). I will consider purchasing the Sony 16-35 zoom if they speed the thing up, that sounds very tempting. It couldn't cost more than $1,200 though for me to consider this. If I didn't already have an outstanding 100mm Makro Planar I would consider the 90mm macro lens, people seem to love that. Overall I think Sony has done a smart thing working closely with Zeiss on lenses. If I didn't already own fantastic glass in the focal lengths offered I would consider the Batis lenses.
  8. There are some good points here. You can't have most of them without a slight increase in the camera size though. #7 (10bit RAW video) and #8 (rolling shutter improvements) are my biggest gripes currently. Dual SD would be super useful too. I disagree on: #5: This is a stupid feature that people ask for with some frequency (making me afraid that Sony might actually cave). You know what a touchscreen layer does? It makes the OLED look a little worse. Also the LAST thing I want are smudgy fingerprints all over my glorious articulating screen. Also, good luck using a touchscreen when the scr
  9. Nick - not sure what you mean "the glass was discussed". Just speaking from almost two decades of experience, I would never buy those lenses. The 28-70 is notably terrible, and the Rokinon lenses are really much better suited to video (and even then, something that you would want to move on from after learning more). Best piece of advice I can give is buy for the glass, not for the camera. If you select your lenses carefully they will outlast the body many times over.
  10. @Emptymind - the auto function only works with electronic lenses. For manual glass this mode is a minefield it doesn't automatically switch when you go between photo and video, and it's basically a "maybe on, maybe off" mode. This also doesn't help if you want to switch between Full Frame and Super35mm on the same lens, to punch in or to get reduce rolling shutter artifacts when needed by going FF. What is totally crazy is that if you can't include Crop mode/Super35mm in a custom mode!
  11. I'm going to come off like a bit of a d*ck here, but ditch the Opteka, Rokinon and those Sony lenses. The Sony 16-35 is supposed to be great and I would highly recommend used Contax lenses with an adapter (50 1.4 is cheap and fantastic and the 85 1.4 is outstanding for portaits). The other option is used Contax G glass with an adapter (45 is supposed to be great, 90 as well). All of this covers FF, all of these lenses are fantastic. Another good option for landscape is the Voigtlander 15mm: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=1132488&gclid=CNrQsdL5lckCFdc2gQodBN
  12. I have complained and noticed others complain in various threads about the effort required to change to and from APS-C/Super35 crop mode. This seems like a really easy thing for Sony to fix if enough of us ask for it - that's what this thread is for. I would love to be able to assign APS-C/Super35 mode to a button, in lieu of that a custom function would help as well. Who's with me?
  13. Slightly hijacking the topic, I totally agree about the BS Sony camera strap. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a 3rd party strap? I am currently using my A7RII on a capturepro clip (which is great, BTW) and would love to find something equally awesome on the strap front!
  14. I didn't mean to dismiss everything about the Leica. They have their place. What I objected to was the idea that Sony has to scramble to compete with the SL, if anything I think that Leica has a hard sell on their hands and should have done a better job to make this camera appealing over the A7RII, which is half the cost! Everything is a balance, and I believe that the SL is terrible value for money (at their price point I would kick mirrorless and pick up a Pentax 645Z). The 10bit output is a big deal though, IMO Sony has purposely crippled the mirrorless A mount bodies to help push profe
  15. @Snowfun, not specific to video, but here are some key points: The Leica is almost one half the resolution of the A7RII (same sensor as the Leica Q). People can argue about the importance of megapixels, but Leica is two generations behind in the Sony/Canon led resolution war. Almost certainly not BSI, this is a real generational advantage of the A7RII over everything else (better lowlight performance, more pixels). This means that even with more resolution the Sony is still probably a better low-light performer. I don't think that the Leica does internal video recording. There is a reason wh
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