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  1. I can only set my auto focus to continuous on my A7sii when shooting video, auto focus single is greyed out. Anybody know why this is and how to fix it? Many thanks for any help, much appreciated.
  2. I'm guessing that only 5 FPS on a 12 meg sensor means that it is uncompressed?? If not that is pretty slow
  3. Interesting, I will wait until people start posting some RAW files online. Luminous Landscape posted some jpegs to download at 100 percent but I wasn't very impressed with the results I could see there but the reviewer doing it may have not been so fussy with the focusing, who knows?
  4. An additional socket for the cable release for when you already have the usb cable in for tethering, surprised they don't have that already, means you need to fire with the remote or from computer if you want minimal shake. AC version of wifi which is in the new Apple products which should be quick enough to transmit RAW to the computer to shoot direct without a cable. A more accurate level for those of us who shoot architecture, I find it way off the mark with accuracy. A better viewfinder eyepiece so that you don't have to block the sun when it is coming in from the side. Option to have it in Silver like the Fuji XT1. Would look great with the Contax G lenses then. Option to assign more menu functions to the custom keys rather than just the ones currently allowed, though this may come as a firmware update....with hopefully more control of what can be set to memory :-)
  5. I have questioned why AC was not implemented into this camera as well on dpreview's forums. It is crazy! It is in the latest iphones and ipads so could be put into this camera. My feeling is that they need to hold back on some of the good things so that the mark 3 will be able to boast lots of new features we will be itching for. I also agree the PlayMemories app is really slow and the whole menu system changes and limits what you can change while using it e.g. you cant change the focul length setting for IBIS if you put a non native lens on that doesn't communicate with the camera while running the app. The signal is also quite weak, I sometimes have my camera on a pole about 7 metres high and then I often loose connection which is strange because you would expect it to be a strong signal when it only has 7 metres of air to go through!! By the way, tethering via Capture One is a far nicer experience than using Lightroom with the Sony software running and having to have a watched folder etc. It is a lot quicker to set up and go so you wont be trying to configure it while the client is waiting.
  6. Sorry to be stupid but how are you attaching your images? Cant see a button for this?
  7. Thanks for that info Jimmy. I don't mean to question your judgement here but are you positive the Batis is sharper than the ZF.2?? I know they are different lenses with the ZF having an extra element I think. Basically, I just want to make sure you are confident that the Batis is the better lens because if it is then sweet as the autofocus is handy to have as well!!
  8. Anybody here used this lens? Was looking at getting one for landscape work so would need to know it is still sharp at infinity. Thanks
  9. No mate, you did the right thing buying that lens over the 28mm f2. I have one and while it is pretty sharp it has a lot of distortion and although that can be corrected in software that comes at a price. It's very funny reading peoples opinions online about lenses and it seems many people want what you can't have - small and yet fast with extreme quality.
  10. How are you finding this lens? Is it sharp at infinity? I mean really sharp?
  11. Have to say I thought the talk about the Contax 45mm g was hype until I started using it on the A7R ii. It's awesome!
  12. Just wondered if any people out there had tried the mentioned lens on the A7R ii as I know the edges weren't great on the A7R?
  13. I have the 90mm and it is awesome. Would like the Batis but going to wait and see what Sony is going to bring out as the background blur on the 90 is lovely and it is really really sharp
  14. Thanks, will have to wait for the Batis to come to NZ then!!
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