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  1. Thanks, I will fix the link to bypass the intermediate site. I didn't realize that. I actually returned the camera because of the flash sync not the grip. I agree that would be a silly reason. The camera won't sync at 1/250 of a sec only 1/200 with my Profoto B1 and B2. Also the curtain shows the black band at the top when pushing past 1/200 of a sec, while Nikon is on the bottom. Why does all this matter? I often shoot shallow dof on location with studio strobes and underexpose the background. On Nikon I can do ISO 32, 1/320 of a second and 90% of the subject is lit. With the Sony their face
  2. I returned my camera but I still have the grip. Sticking with Nikon and Hasselblad for my pro gear. Sony for travel and messing around. Camera isn't a pro camera in my opinion. I will wait for Nikon to use the new sensor from the A7R2
  3. Don't be fooled by the specs 1/250 flash sync speed, it is really 1/200. Maybe not a big deal for some of you, but for me it is enough that I returned my Sony A7Rii and am sticking with Nikon for a while longer. With Nikon D810 I can push flash sync speed to 1/320 with a small black bar at the bottom which isn't a big deal because I do it on location. This allows me to balance the background(ambient) with shallow depth of field and still get the subjects face and body lit. Sony has another issue for me which is the black bar shows up at the top of the frame so you can't push it to 1/320 or
  4. It very well could be. I haven't tried a second but I am going to order another one I think. Although Im not made of money- especially now that i bought this camera.
  5. Ok, the problem is with the 3rd party Meike vertical grip. The problem only happens when it is attached so beware of that.
  6. It was in A and M. Those are all I shoot in. How do you reset?
  7. Don't worry, I was shooting everything important on my Nikon, I already had a Sony a7 as my 2nd camera so it wasn't a big change.
  8. Ok, I got my camera last night and just got back from a wedding I was shooting. It was my second camera (I carry 2). The other is a Nikon. Anyways, the settings on my Sony are changing without touching any thing! I can literally look at the camera and watch the aperture and shutter speed change on its own without any buttons being pressed! Also when I am in the menus trying to change stuff, they will jump to a different directory or exit the menu altogether. Now I am torn on what to do. I am happy I got it so soon, So I don't want to send it back and have to wait weeks for a new one. B
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