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  1. I like to shoot tethered if I am in a studio. With an USB cable it is possible with Capture One, but with a cable it is not ideal. Is there any solution for the Sany A7r III without cable, and if not, do you think it will be possible with the new WIFI on A7r IV?
  2. Portraits, if eye autofocus is not possible and I use 1.4 lenses with very shallow depth of field.
  3. Sorry I am not a lens tester like Jannik Peters. I was aking for a test like this between the Tamron on 35 mm and the Soy-Zeiss 35mm 2.8.
  4. If I use DMF here is my workflow: 1) Use AF ON to get the focus 2) Use focus wheel to open magnifyer and focus precise 3) Press shutter button halfway down to leave magnification here is the difference to my last post 3) pressing shutterbutton halfway down does nor exit magnifier.
  5. Ok if my first post was not clear enough here a short form 1) press button to get into magnifier 2) press AF ON to get focus (in magnifier) 3) pressing shutterbutton halfway down does nor exit magnifier.
  6. Thanks for all replys. First of all I posted this here because I think Sony is reading this forum from time to time and Sony always is saying that they listen to their customers. A workaround with DMF does not work, because in manual mode you cant use the AF ON button, in magnifyer you can.
  7. I have done a small comparison between Sony-Zeiss 35mm 2.8 and the new Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 at 35mm. And as far as I can see the Tamrom is sharper. Has anyone else tested that out?
  8. Its about the magnifier. Most of the time I use DMF focus mode when I use fast primes. If I shoot I use AF ON to get the focus and when I think its necessary I rotate the focus wheel on the lens, this brings the magnifier up and I can focus manually exactly. By pressing the shutter button half the magnifier disappears and if necessary I can recompose. That works fine. Sometimes in AFS mode I also want the magnifier to focus. For that reason I have set the magnifier to a button eg C3. There I click C3 and then AF ON to get the focus. BUT I now press the shutter button halfway down, NOTHING happens. I have to press the C3 again to get to the next step of mgnification, the I have to press C3 again to get to normal mode. Would it not be much easier if also in magnifier mode half press of the shutter to close the maginification? Has someone the same problem or foud a workaroud?
  9. I use the FlashAir card to shoot wireless thetered to my ipad. With the buit in wifi this is not possible.
  10. Has anyone managed to make this combinatin work on shuttersnitch? I have tried for two days and I have to give up. Always get timeouts and file transfer is stopped.
  11. In December 2015 I published here a proposal for A7rIII. It has become true.
  12. Thank you for this basic explanation. I will take a closer look at all the topics you brought up. "AF is often added with a verrrry minimal effect on size of an existing MF lens. OIS usually adds visibly to bulk." So there is hope for an compact autofocus 35mm/2.0 lens like the Loxia one.
  13. I like the Sony Zeiss 55/1.8 very much, it sharp and its compact. My question is why cant a 35/1.8 or a 85/1.8 be built in that compact size? Is only 50 or 55mm possible because of lens physics? Would make the addition of autofocus to Loxia lenses them that much bigger?
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