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  1. Received my a7R4 from repair today. They said they ordered a part to fix my Slot 1 issue. Also, cleaned the sensor reset to factory defaults & a general wipe down cleaning of the camera. Tried the camera & all seems fine. It was a warranty repair, n/c.
  2. PNY 64Gb. We used a Sony a99M2 before the a7R4 & it seems more difficult to remove the card on the a7R4. Less room to get the finger tips in I guess..
  3. A portion of a memory card IS broken. It's a very small piece near a pin. I didn't noticed it but my wife did today. I hope they don't hit us with abuse / not under warranty or other BS.
  4. Bummer! A month isn't good. Hope your wrong on that. Thanks.
  5. Can't load memory card into Slot 1 on my Sony a7RM4. It simply doesn't lock in. We purchased the camera in early December. This happened late last week & we have sent it in for warranty service. Really odd because we're not professionals so we use the camera very little compared to pros. We've owned 2 Canon's + a Sony a99 ii over 15 years & never had an issue like this. Anyone ever have this issue?
  6. I recently purchased a used SAL2470 f/2.8Z off eBay. The seller said the hood worked but was a little difficult to put on. He was right about that. Like you, I searched for a new one but could find nothing. Then I took a closer look at the hood. There are 2 small cracks that cause the hood's shape to slightly collapse become a slight oval shape instead of a circle. The narrow side was interfering with the threads. So, I filed the interference away but not so much that it wouldn't attach. Hey, as a sailor would say, "...any port in a storm!"
  7. I recently purchased an a99M2 & can confirm 800 ISO is the minimum for S-log 2 & 3.
  8. I ordered my a99M2 from B&H March 3rd. Found good deals on a Tamron 28-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Vi VC PXD (new) on eBay & a Minolta 50mm f/1.4 from KEH. B&H says they expect to make delivery around 10-17 when new arrive.
  9. As for lenses, I will need 3. I currently use the Sigma 18-35mm-f/1.8 with my Canon 70d ( FF = 29-56mm ) for product advertising & all shots are indoors with just natural daylight for lighting. This is a great lens but is designed for APS-C only. Sony makes a 24-70mm f/2.8 but it's $2000. Also there's Sony 16-35mm f/4 @ $1250, Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 @ $1300 & Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 @ $800. The Sigma is an eye catcher but I assume an older design. Reviews on the Tamron 24-70mm are very good. The Sony seems too pricey. I am considering 2 wide primes, 20-25mm & a 50mm instead of one wide zoom. Sony offers several that seem to be good quality & not pricey. The other 2 would be 150-600mm Tamron + an all-a-round everyday lens, something with a decent wide angle & tele zoom like the Tamron 28-300mm f/3.5-6.3 @ $850. I have the Tamron APS-C equivalent for Canon now & like it a lot. I thought there might be some good deals on used Minolta lenses that might fill these but haven't seen any yet. Any recommendations or comments? Thanks!
  10. *%$! I heard Amazon had new α99II in stock yesterday but this morning they are already gone. Amazon now says "Usually ships within 1 to 2 months". Bummer. But, B&H says next week.
  11. Thanks. B&H said more arriving Feb 17th. Just meant that it doesn't seem like 3rd party lenses like Tamron & Sigma have supported Sony mounts very well. Better with A-mount that E-mount. Lens to lens, Sony's seem far more expensive for similar lens types compared to Canon, Nikon... anybody really. Perhaps Sony's quality is much higher. But, I'm coming from Canon & not real familiar with Sony lenses. I now read that the A-line of lenses was originally Minolta mount. Are Minolta's used only?
  12. VAT VAT- Value Added Tax? I see you have the α7R2. I've heard it's a great camera. How do you like it? B&H in New York has it on sale.
  13. Agree that it is expensive but this will probably be my last camera & I want a good one. There's lots not to like other than price like the lack of lens support. I think many buyers stand off because of that. According to BH & Photo / Video here in the USA more product will arrive about 17 February.
  14. LOL - Thanks. Good to know. That's a bit too far from my home to shop but looks like a good store. But, costs 33% more than in USA. Wonder why?
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