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  1. Nope- everything gets confused (unless I've got the settings wrong) USB Connection: PC REMOTE USB LUN Settings: MULTI USB Power: ON Fire up Capture One Connect USB 2 Cable to computer: Appears to connect with capture one, but no live view and no shutter. No actual control at all. Disconnect USB 2 Cable. Restart Capture One. Set camera to USB Power: OFF Connect USB 2 Cable to computer: All Functions work perfectly, but no charging (of course). Plug USB C Cable connected to USB C Power Supply, into camera: Choke! No control. Live view is lost. This is the worst. Anybody
  2. Where on earth can I find an ac adapter for the a7r3? The way I use my camera in the studio usually involves multiple cameras into a switchable usb hub into one computer. USB powering is flaky at best and unusable at worst when switching from camera to camera. My cameras stay on all day. Anybody have a solution to this (admittedly niche) problem?
  3. Good questions- I don't let my cameras go into power saving mode. I'm pretty sure the focus shifts when powered down (I can hear it) but I'll have to check to be sure. It'll be Monday before I do. The cameras are at the studio and all I have with me is my a6500, which doesn't behave this way.
  4. Sorry- stressful week. No, never have used pre-af. Everything is set to manual. 24-70 GM lens. Same behavior though with Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 Zeiss A-Mount with LA-EA3 (even when the lens barrel switch is set to MF) and Minolta 90mm Macro with LA-EA4 and Sony Zeiss FE 35mm 1.4. Behavior is: Focus lens to 5m. Turn camera off. Turn camera back on. Focus has parked at infinity. This behavior exhibits itself on my a7RII, both of my a7R's, but NOT my a6500.
  5. Agreed. I have a full range of Zeiss-Jena Pentacon lenses adapted to Canon EF mount with Russian tilt/shift adapters then adapted to Sony E-mount, that I love (so sharp! With beautiful iq) and a large collection of Minolta glass. Sometimes I just want to use my G-master 24-70 zoom for compositional convenience. I'm not fighting using manual glass, I do everyday. It just seems like there should be a custom setting/hack/etc. to disable focus parking and was wondering if I was missing it. Apparently not. Oh well- I'll live.
  6. Riiiight... I get that. I was asking if there was a custom setting or something. Sometimes I have ultra complex, multiple exposure sets that require multiple days of tweaking and constructing. Sort of a holdover from the good ole' multiple 4x5 camera film sets. It would be nice if I could use my Sony FE glass, and retain focus when I power off. Seems like it'd be a simple enough thing to implement. I really hate to leave the camera cooking for days (and nights) on end. I love my alphas. I have more than a few. I'll probably never go back to Canon. My biggest gripe is the whole "focus by
  7. Is there a way, or a setting I'm missing that will make the the focus distance when manual focusing, stay constant after a power cycle? I know this seems like a fussy issue to most, but when you do complex still like setups that require multiple exposures that need to be in perfect register for compositing in post, it can be a major issue. Ideas? I cant find anything online about this.
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