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  1. I have the Micro plate, works fine on the a7rii; was slightly inconvenient on the a7r as the screen had to be pulled directly out from the camera, not simply tilted down as the tolerance was quite tight. Will trade up for the larger plate that comes with the Clutch (thanks for the reviews mcguyver and sos!)
  2. Just a heads up for anyone considering the new (2015) Gitzo traveller series 1 tripods; the new panning base diameter is 35mm compared to the Markins 50mm. I imagine Gitzo is likely trying to lead people to buy their new/matching 82TQD ball head (no friction control and not Arca compliant, but possibly still decent (?), haven't seen a review yet) which looks to close up even more compactly. Anyways, I had no luck searching the web for this exact combo before purchasing and thought I'd share in case someone here was considering them. Apologies for the off topic thread (though it's quite light and suits the a7rII)
  3. You don't need an adaptor, the canon shoe connector is a bit longer but it fits and works fine (though manual only, as mentioned)
  4. just received the Nissin Di700a with the Air Commander and also have PocketWizards (PLusX) to manually fire (no TTL) my old Canon Speedlite when its not slaved
  5. Ari Marcopoulos bag from incase is my fav. Had it since it was released and love it. https://www.incase.com/shop/camera-bags/incase-ari-marcopoulos-camera-bag/
  6. Have you changed the Display Quality setting to High? It's set at Standard from the factory (not sure if that helps)
  7. The Nissin Di700A for Sony with Air Commander (w/ HSS and TTL) is supposed to be available from B&H next week (Sept.3, according to their site)
  8. Ari Marcopoulos bag from incase. Best camera bag I've ever owned, hands down. https://www.incase.com/shop/camera-bags/incase-ari-marcopoulos-camera-bag/
  9. No problems here with PW Plus X's, my a7rii and a Canon 580EX i (manual mode only though)
  10. Much appreciated timde! Not sure why I missed that searching for "Filters" (I see it now though). Sounds like the Seven5 is working for you and the Batis, but if planning to go wider, then the 100mm is the likely answer
  11. A two-part question for you all: 1) with the latest DR offered by Sony camera's and the post-processing capabilities of LR, are filter systems still a necessity for landscape photography? I would imagine getting the best image OOC is preferred but am wondering out loud... 2) also, if you were upgrading your existing Cokin P holder and plastic Hittech filters to Lee, would you get the 100mm system or the Seven5? I currently have an 82mm filter threaded Canon 16-35L 2.8 which wouldn't support the Seven5 system, but would prefer to sell it in favor of a Sony prime WA if there's (ideally) one coming down the pipe. Aside from that, a 25mm Batis would be the widest angle lens I'd currently be using. Any advice from existing LEE users would be appreciated; if the Seven5 vignettes on the Batis the decision will be an easier one.. Thanks!
  12. Ha, feeling exactly the same. I have three Canon lenses left as well and will likely swap out two of them for the WA Batis. Still feeling sentimental about the 70-200 2.8L though likely not for too much longer. Would love to see some faster glass show up on the Sony roadmap sooner rather than later.
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