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  1. Thanks for the replies folks I will try out a few things at the weekend if if ever stops raining here in Ireland, I turned off the long exposure noise reduction but I would not have thought this would have any effect for nornal shooting during day time. I also figured out how to assign the eye auto focus to a button! but it wont keep up with the speed of my child running around the place! and wont work with continues focus switched on, When I bought the camera it updated the 16-50 lens to the latest firmware, the Lens behaves a little better when stopped down to F9/F10. (Its pretty cool to be able to update a lens firmware just by connecting the camera via the usb!!) The washed out and soft edges I was seeing in pictures was when using the 16-50 Kit lens but when using the Fotodiox adapter with the manual focus with my Nikon gear was OK. (some of the focus issues I think are me getting used to the new setup) I've the Sigma 30mm 2.8 EX DN ordered so look forward to seeing if its better than the kit. The A6000 is pretty nice even at ISO3200 which was a pleasent surprise! I was able to take some shots in Pitch Dark of some hedgehogs in my backgarden the other night with just a small torch shining on them and the camera still auto focused which I thought was neat! The macro stuff, I mainly use the Sigma 105 lens, love it! but only doing 1:1 up to about 1.7ish:1. I've tried reversal rings using my old cannon 50m 1.4 the only SLR lens I've left from my Teenage years that has no lens rot. Hoping to use the Sigma lens with the A6000 but will need to get some lens support sorted as I will be putting it on a focus rail. I'm on flicker but dont have not anything much up using the Sony yet. https://www.flickr.com/photos/116522624@N04/ ~B
  2. Using a Sigma 105mm 2.8 with a set of extension tubes at the moment. I was going to buy the Venus Macro lens but used my savings to purchase the A6000 along with the 55-210 + adaptor. I only recently was clearing out my Attic at home and gave away all my Darkroom Equipment as had not used it since I was a teenager a few days later I found out I could have used the enlarger lens as a poormans macro lens so I had a Homer Doh! moment. Looking forward to seeing if I can get any decent shots with the Sigma lens with the Sony its nice to see the exposer on screen before hitting the button. ~B
  3. I've been using viewnx2 + gimp when processing my Nikon Raw files. (And loaded a few Sony jpgs onto it also to see differences) So far I've been using only Capture one to process the Sony RAW's. I still have to get myself a Lightroom licence sooner or later and learn how to use it correctly, I had a trial version that I tried before. Every time I goto buy a perpetual licence I keep thinking its money towards a Lens or filter or bit of kit so keep using freeware. After reading addicted2light's reply I'm guessing its how the software is reading and processing the colour profiles of the files as I know lightroom did show my raw nikon files different to how nikons own software showed them. For the Sony I've been shooting in Raw+jpg have not had any issues with the buffer with a UHS3 class10 95MB/s card which is fantastic (The DSLR is terrible when I'm trying to shoot stacks for Macro as the buffer fills up too fast) So far I've only tried using the Capture one. When using the Lens adapter I had not been using the magnifier (only figured out how to get it to stay on! with a 3rd party lens a few mins ago) When using the Kit lens I had the Face Detect set to registered only so maybe thats why it was not locking on. I dont see an option for Eye AF but it would be nice! The 16-50 Kit lens I reckon if going to drive me Nuts But its so Tiny and the camera fits in the coat pocket so easily. If I can scrounge enough cash over the next few paychecks I think I will try the 30mm 2.8 Prime from Sigma's art range. After purchasing the A6000 + adapter it opens up some doors for me when it comes to my favourite type of Photorgaphy which is Macro! If I ever won some money! I could purchase the Cannon MPE65 Lens which offers 5:1 magnifiaction ratio which no other Macro Lens has! Its all money money money though which I am lacking after my recent splurge! ~B
  4. Hi all, I normally shoot with a Nikon D5200 but I recently purchased a Sony A6000 for some street photography as it was lovely size.With all the hype about the new A7's coming out I was full sure I was going to change from Nikon to Sony if I ever manage to save up enough money to purchase a Full frame camera. After purchasing the A6000 I'm not so sure if I'll stick to Nikon or goto Sony whenever that time comes. So far after a week or two of messing about with the A6000 I'm so far not getting any decent shots from it. The capture one software is kinda sluggish but OK, the A6000 takes a very very long time to format the memory card which I found odd, buttons and settings are a little fiddly and will need a lot of getting used to. I'm finding the Kit lens that came with it absoultly horrid. I got the 16-50 3.5-5.6 Kit lens Even stopped down to F8 and F10 I'm finding it hard to get anything sharp. A lot of the shots look lifeless, lacking in colour/contrast the outside edges are blurry the centre could be a lot better. Another thing I found is flare or light from the side causing blown highlights that would not normally be blown if I was taking the same shot with my Nikon Camera using the same focal length without a lens hood. I purchased a fotodiox pro lens adapter so I could use my Nikon Glass on the A6000 its a great little bit of kit, as I like macro I was hoping I could use focus peaking with my macro lens but it does not really work too great when your at 1:1 distance from your subject. I also found mounting my Nikon glass onto the A6000 was still not getting me great results. My 85mm 1.8g which is amazing on the D5200 was giving crappy results on the A6000 which was disapointing and I've been messing about with my 50mm and 30mm primes and things are hit and miss and the colour and contrast does not seem to be getting reproduced as good on the Sony compared to the Nikon when shooting in Raw and just converting to jpg (without any development/tweaking) I also purchased the Sony 55-210 4/5-6.3 and thankfully thats getting a lot better result but they are still not as good as I would be used to when shooting with my Trusty DSLR using the selectable focus points. I'm not a stranger to Manual focus as I shot with the Cannon A1 for years and had my own dark room back in the film days With all the Postive stories I keep hearing with the Sony Mirrorless cameras my only conclusion is I'm doing something wrong! Has anyone suggestions/Advice ? Are Sony RAW files really lacking in contrast and colour out of camera compared to Nikon RAW straight from Camera I'm finding I need to really treak the hell out of the Sony RAW files a heck of a lot more than the Nikon Raw files to get the same results. Should I stick to the adustable single focus point for better results? Any of the more automatic focus areas are very hit and miss. I binned most of the failed shots I was not happy with, I uploaded a few examples of what I'm seeing here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1486867664939165.1073741836.1454138394878759&type=3 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1479305159028749.1073741834.1454138394878759&type=3 ~B
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