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  1. First: Lesson # 1 - learn your (my) camera! I own an A6000 and 90% of my shooting is Aperture Priority. When attempting to shoot the Blood Moon last week, I could not focus. First I keep forgeting I recently set BBF - so it ain't focusing until 'I push the button'. However, my post has to do with going manual. After playing in the dark I realized I don't know how to go Manual focus and more. Then I see when searching the web ah ha ... there is Focus Peaking. If a member can be so kind to suggest a link or links to understand manual and when it serves best - please share. If a member h
  2. Started to learn the features of the A6000 and found out about back-button focusing and ability to configure multiple button on the Alpha. It is set up using the AEL button and but would like input from the members on ... 1. do most use back-button option 2. it appears that it can help with battery use since camera is not always focusing as one is composing 3. is single shot AF the primary 'dafault' for members 4. I understand one can use it as continous AF but I am uncertain how I do this Thanks, Bob
  3. 1. Moving from Nikon D5100 16 MP to A6000. 2. Reasons: weight/size, 24 MP vs 16 MP, 90% comparison ratings of A6K to many others - A6K came out on top. 3. Also, using Lightroom metadata - validated 80% of shoots at 70 - 130 mm so 55-200 mm purchased this week (will use the short kit lenses for landscapes if needed). Also, photos used for sharing electronically and family memory captures on Weebly website. Largest printed photo is ONE 16x20 canvas mounted image. Bob
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