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  1. CY S-Planar 60mm f2.8 is a wonderful macro lens (1:1). Not easy to focus of course, DOF is so small.
  2. If I were you I would opt for the Zeiss 24-70 f4. It is light, fits perfectly on the A7, and covers quite a large set of situations. Do not be put off by some negative reviews about edge sharpness. I have it, and I also have almost all Batis lenses, so I know there is a difference. I real life, it is however almost inconsequential. I have heaps of very good results with the zoom, and it has that Zeiss color and pop.
  3. Very happy with my Zeiss Contax 28mm/f2 (the Hollywood lens).
  4. I couldn't agree more. The comparisons with other zooms in the same range mean little to me since the point of discussion always seems to be sharpness. In the first place the Zeiss 16-35 f4 is very sharp, in the second place Zeiss lenses have that extra nice colour rendition, pop and contrast (known and generally acknowledged already from their Contax days) which puts them apart from the maybe tiny bit sharper but more sterile lenses (don't be offended, it is always IMHO). If you want extra sharpness on top of that then you should go for fixed focal, e.g. Batis lenses. I have several and they absolutely shine in all aspects. Also, requirements for sharpness have to be seen in the light of what you are going to with your pictures. I develop my pictures on a 30 inch Apple cinema display, and print maximum A3 size. With the lenses I have I can even crop an 85mm picture to approximately 200-300mm size and still get tack sharp results. Of course, if you want to blow up your picture to wall size then your criteria may be different.
  5. I don't know if you already decided what to do, but I must say the 24-70f4 gets a too bad rap in my opinion. Maybe mine is just an excellent copy but I am quite happy with the results (certainly for a walk around zoom lens). I do however complement it with several fixed focal length lenses from the Zeiss Batis line. I would never go for an expensive zoom like the Sony 24-70, that kind ofmoney I reserve for fixed focal length lenses.
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