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  1. Hi, I think these pictures lack clarity and sharpness. Is you lens dirty?
  2. Interesting. I thought the 26x were measured from, the film plane; that would make the enlargement factor 25. A nice (round) figure making calculations in your head much easier than 26x. (With 25x just multiply by 100 and divide twice by two.) I have an old test chart that needs to be photographed 40x, not 41x, from lens center, which prompts my remark here. Have a nice day.
  3. christer


    Your opinion will be appreciated.
  4. christer


    couldn't change pic, new one below.
  5. Excellent. Looking forward to your works with female models ;-)
  6. christer


    Your pix get better and better . . .
  7. The bright white letters are quite disturbing and add nothing to the image.
  8. christer


    Same girl, same day but different light.
  9. christer


    Just a LED strip on the right.
  10. christer


    Batis 85mm, f/2.5 and bounced off camera TTL flash
  11. christer


    I find this picture very flat. Work it over with more saturation, clarity, sharpness and so on . . .
  12. christer

    Baby Girl

    Sweet, both.
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