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  1. I've used this method previous to your post many times, and I gave it another shot today, per your steps. I can see the pin moving. The diaphragm doesn't operate. I think I have a dead horse here.
  2. That pin seems long enough, moves the lever full sweep. Should I be able, without the adapter mounted, to move the lens' aperture lever by hand and work the aperture selection? This I can do, but the diaphragm does not move.
  3. JC OK I'll give that a shot, I was wondering about leaving it in the car on a hot day for awhile, and monitoring temp. Also found a forum where some success has been had giving the lens a few raps by hand and working the ring over a period of days. Overall the lens is pretty clean and doesn't look like it's had much use. Hence the stuck blades. Disassembly is not in the cards. I think it's stuck a stop or 2 from fully open, so I have been able to use it, as it is it's not a total loss.
  4. Thank you Hans and Bounet, looks like I have a problem.
  5. JC Yeah, I'm afraid the blades are stuck. That's a shame. I suppose there's no cure?
  6. Hans, thanks for answering. I have the 1st scenario, the Open and Lock adapter. Still no manual aperture operation. The selector ring turns, but the diaphragm doesn't operate. I'm still wondering what that "A" button is for.
  7. Picked up a used Canon FD 300f4 (not an f4L) and having a heck of a time. I can't seem to set the aperture. Right now it's stuck wide open. I'm using a Fotodiox FD-NEX apapter for my a6000. Turning the aperture ring on the lens has no effect. Seems there should be a manual mode where that would work, there's a green "A" next to a tiny button on the aperture select ring, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Any ideas? Couple of photos of the lens attached.
  8. Not too far from me, over near Stony Pt and Meacham. Nice skies out here.
  9. Yes, stars and eucalyptus trees, my view too. Hello from a fellow Petaluman. Nice photo!
  10. Yeah, you're right, noticed that this morning, still good this evening. Weird.
  11. Looking at the Sony USA website, an the a6000 is no longer available? Am I reading that right? http://store.sony.com/advanced-amateur/cat-27-catid-all-alpha-advanced-amateur
  12. Wow, uploading really affected the quality. Like it's been sharpened to death.
  13. a6000, Nikon 100mm macro, f8, 2x Nikon teleconverter, ISO 640 @ 1/200. No post processing, except resizing.
  14. Very nice! I'd be interested in ISO, shutter speed of your pics!
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