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  1. Do you think any third parties will create Leica M Adaptors for the A7 that actually transmit lens data to the camera (for the leica coded lenses)?
  2. One question though, is Brian Smith on Sony's payroll? The "gear" section of his website might as well point to http://store.sony.com
  3. I'm going through the endless lists of bags trying to find a super-compact one to hold the A7ii with the 16-35mm Zeiss lens and a prime 35mm or 55mm lens, plus charger and extra battery. Has anyone found something that's super compact, functional, and not too terrible looking (like a lot of camera bags are)?
  4. Obviously not a big deal, but why did Zeiss make the Batis in 85mm and 25mm and not the typical 90mm and 28mm?
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